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Top 10 Cities To Visit In 2018 According To Lonely Planet

Top 10 Cities To Visit In 2018 According To Lonely Planet


Are you ready to travel this year? If traveling was on your resolutions list this New Year’s, get ready for some action. According to Lonely Planet, which is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, there are at last 10 cities you should visit in 2018. There is something special about them that will change your life forever. Here are the top 10 cities you should visit this year, courtesy of 9gag.

1. Seville, Spain

Have you been to Spain before? If not, Seville is a great choice. The Andalusian city is well-known for its beautiful Moorish architectures. Also, if you are a food lover, you will enjoy the traditional tastes of Southern Spain that the city offers.


2. Detroit, Michigan

Haven’t been to Detroit yet? Why should you, you ask? This city is truly special because of its unique history as well as its art. It was transformed into a hip city that has many galleries, hotels, museums, and other popular stuff for tourists. In 2015, Detroit was named a “City of Design” by UNESCO, the first U.S. city to receive that designation. Need more reasons?


3. Canberra, Australia

Why is the capital of Australia so special and worth visiting? If you choose Sydney over the capital, think twice. This year, there will be a lot of interesting events in Canberra, including the Test cricket match, and the 100-anniversary of the World War I armistice.


4. Hamburg, Germany

Would you like to visit one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls? Then, you should visit the incredible city of Hamburg in northern Germany, one of the hippest cities in Europe.


5. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This port city is all you need for your next vacation if you want to experience Taiwan in a special way.


6. Antwerp, Belgium

There is always something happening in the city of Antwerp. This year, there are a lot of plans for architectural and art events.


7. Matera, Italy

This old cave city may not be on your bucket list, but it should: it has sights that you can only see in fantasy movies and it will be Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2019.


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8. San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s not only a good summer holiday destination, but it’s full of art life, too.


9. Guanajuato, Mexico

You will fall in love with those colored buildings and churches once you set foot in this beautiful place.


10. Oslo, Norway

Are you in for an unusual architecture? If yes, it’s time to go to Oslo!


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Source: 9gag

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