22 Classic Dad Jokes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

The world may change, civilizations may rise and fall, technology may advance and we may grow old, but there is one thing that will always hold true: dads will be dads. And there is something that unites all the dads in the four corners of the globe. No, it’s not their over-protectiveness, nor is it their strength, support, and unconditional love. It’s their sense of humor! Every dad loves making dad jokes. They’re not funny to anyone except themselves, and possibly other dads as well, but that will not stop them! So, we have learned to resign ourselves and smile instead of cringe. Because, at the end of the day, they’re our dads and we can’t help but love them.


Here are 22 classic dad jokes compiled by Diply. They probably won’t make you laugh, seeing as they are really, really corny, but they will definitely amuse you and maybe even make you roll your eyes. You’ve been warned!

1. Hmm… something seems suspicious… How can the moth speak English?


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2. You’ve put her off shorty shorts for life… High five!


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3. Because who doesn’t love their humor slightly on the dark side?


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4. Very punny, Dad, we get it…


Source: reddit | blameitonthewookie

5. This dad’s humor just leveled up. It’s over 9000 now!


Source: reddit | nathanemke

6. Ah, he’s right, we’ll give him this one!


Source: Twitter | @ms_briggs2

7. Liar, liar, pants on fire!


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8. ‘Because apparently I look like I’m made of money’ is by far the best slogan any company’s ever had!


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9. To be fair, embarrassing a teenager is like taking candy from a baby


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10. Rub it in, Dad!


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11. Whoa, that was quick! This dad is super talented in the witty comebacks department!


Source: Twitter | @JaretS

12. In Soviet Russia deer hits you!


Source: reddit | nothaleybeckham

13. Hold on a second! How does a grown man accidentally swallow scrabble pieces?!


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14. He literally got you what you asked for!


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15. Well, this seems to have a simple solution! Just stop saying that!


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16. That will scare not only the boyfriend, but the daughter as well, and anyone who sees that monstrosity, really…


Source: Reddit | cornflop

17. Oh, no! We were on a roll here with not-that-bad dad jokes, and then comes this lame ‘zinger’…


Source: Twitter | @EndlessDadJokes

18. When your kid looks done, like this guy here, it means you have accomplished your mission!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

19. Your dad’s pun game is way too strong!


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20. See? This is the face: mission accomplished! No boy will dare approach her!


Source: Reddit | Quail666

21. Maybe dad jokes aren’t so bad after all… They are quite funny…


Source: Twitter | @sammyo219

22. Yup, definitely not as bad as they seem.


Source: Twitter | @DaddingAround
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