12+ Pictures That Depict The Satisfying Difference Cleaning Can Make

Things change with the passage of time, and quite often we may not notice how they need a bit of alteration, or how they can alter with the tiniest bit of cleaning.

Like, have you noticed how much a room can change if you simply remove a few clothes from the floor and tidy it up? Or how much clearer your vision is when you finally decide to clean the smudges in your glasses. That’s the perfect example of how absolutely necessary cleaning is, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health purposes.

However, there are things, such as benches, houses, rooftops, that have not been cleaned in ages. And, you know, when you’re there, seeing the object every day, you may not notice how much cleaning it needs until you actually clean it. And, then, there’s this sort of satisfaction and fulfillment and you simply want to continue cleaning.

Well, if you scroll below, you will see a number of pictures that depict exactly that. So, scroll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


1. Someone cleaned their lake cabin and it looks too satisfying for words.

cleaning satisfying difference

Source: © TerryPweef/reddit


2. Removing the excess dirt water like a pro:

cleaning satisfying difference

Source: © natsdorf/reddit


3. “I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t realize how dirty this swing was until my wife asked me to clean it. It’s not painted green, that’s just years of gunk,” Reddit user wrote.

Source: © 251Cane/reddit


4. All it needed was a bit of cleaning.

Source: © xTrekSuubie/reddit


5. “I’d forgotten what it used to look like.”

Source: © jayalbion/reddit


6. “Got transferred to a new Mcdonalds store. First thing I did was scrub their vats.”

Source: © maccasslave92/reddit


7. A little dirt never hurt anybody.

Source: © WarrenG21/reddit


8. “I thought our roof was supposed to be black… Apparently not.”

Source: © lyannaskywalker/reddit


9. “This church in Detroit, MI hasn’t been cleaned since it was built 134 years ago. I always thought the stone was black.”

Source: © DetroitStalker/reddit


10. Looks like it’s brand new.

Source: © Kenny1200/reddit


11. “No after photo is more satisfying than brick steps.”

Source: © cw78/reddit


12. “My wife cleaned the knobs off of the old cabinets in our basement.”

Source: © KombuchaMushroomPeop/reddit


13. “My shoes before and after a cleaning.”

Source: © Aphrodisiatic/reddit


14. These houses were once covered with coal. See how they look after being cleaned:

Source: © PorygonTheMan/reddit


15. “Cleaning a platinum ring that hasn’t been cleaned for 20+ years.”

Source: © Soccerpro1177/reddit


Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.


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