16 Clever Ideas That Should’ve Existed A Long Time Ago

I just love people who think outside the box because they come up with the most incredible of ways to do things the easier way. In this list compiled by Providr, you will find ideas-turned-innovations which will make you wonder how come no one has thought of them before, but also why they aren’t all over internet yet. Enjoy!

1. Since we always seem to lose one of these, this title attachment works as a Bluetooth tracker to locate your lost items using your smartphone


Source: Digital Trends

2. These innovative batteries embedded with a USB interface are perfect when you’re traveling and need to charge your devices


Source: Yanko Design

3. This clever ironing has a mirror attached to the other side of the board, which will save you from going from room to room to see how you look


Source: AC/AL Studio

4. This puck uses a small Stirling engine to the power of hot and cold drinks and turns it into energy. Awesome!


Source: Epiphany Labs / Kickstarter

5. Instead of carrying your keys everywhere, this system allows you to unlock the door with a quick tap on your screen


Source: Lockitron

6. This cooking pan allows you to fry up multiple foods without turning them into one giant blob


Source: Amazon

7. For people who meet up with strangers to make Internet purchase exchanges, these hubs will make the transaction more secure


Source: Reddit /u/ queen0f

8. This parking garage system uses lights as indicators to show if a spot is vacant or not so you can stop circling around until you find a place


Source: Alibaba

9. This escalator keeps people in motion by turning into a moving walkaway and then back into an escalator again


Source: Reddit

10. It’s hard to resist a sweet treat especially when you’re with kids so this lane completely eliminates the temptation for kids/adults


Source: Reddit /u/ KrazoaSpirit

11. This bus has the seats upholstered to show that it’s a designated courtesy seat


Source: Reddit /u/ wheezy11

12. Parents should not miss opportunities so this baby swing also has an adult swing attached to it


Source: Reddit /u/ Bearat

13. The tip of this highlighter has a cut-out section in order to see exactly what you are highlighting


Source: Reddit /u/ chillin_krillin

14. This vehicle has indented spots so you can sit without having to involuntarily resort to the fetal position


Source: Reddit /u/ murphofly

15. The lines on this lot continue on to the barrier above


Source: Reddit /u/ ebflaherty

16. With this transparent toaster, you can easily see when your slices of bread are done.


Source: eBay
From: providr

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