Clothes Giving You Trouble? Here, Take These 20+ Clever Clothing Hacks

Someone said that the ordinary person today lives a better life than the kings of yore. And looking at my closet overstuffed with clothes… I’m inclined to agree. I need some hacks and NOW.

And before we all start collectively yelling ‘more space, more space, my kingdom for space!’ let’s try to fix the clothing crisis we’ve ended up in. Thanks to Diply, we now have a whole arsenal of clothing hacks to win this war.

Scroll down and good luck, soldier!

1. How to keep knee-high boots upright? Well, stuff them with pool noodles, duh!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

2. Are your clothes starting to fray and ruffle? Shave them. Yes, literally.


Source: Cotton And Curls

3. When it comes to hacks, this one is pretty cool. Turn your tank tops into elegant dresses.


Source: Twitter | @gabbyrogalevich

4. If your pant holes are getting bigger and bigger, put on some fancy lace underneath and boom! Fashion icon.


Source: Yimmyayo

5. Alternatively, you can add interesting patches of fabric under your ripped jeans.


Source: Smile Like You Mean It

6. The RIGHT way to combine your pants with your boots.


Source: Memes

7. A clothing hack and a coloring exercise in one.


Source: Twitter | @FSWGSpecialists

8. A piece of panty liner under your armpits will solve that sweating problem.


Source: Musely

9. Your new shoes feel too tight? Just stuff them with a bag of water and put them in the freezer.


Source: Agape Loves Designs

10. Freezing clothes also removes any unpleasant smells they might come with.


Source: Heddels

11. Fight stinky shoes with the power of tea bags. Just… teabag those shoes!


Source: Pinterest

12. Keep your fly chained with this keychain zipper hack.


Source: Listotic

13. A tank top between your sweater and your shirt makes for a tight look.


Source: Franish The Blog

14. Wanna turn your tights into badass beasts? Expose them to some homemade evolution.


Source: Pinterest

15. Who knew removing those pesky stains was this easy! Now if only I could find a bucket of Hydrogen Peroxide…


Source: Pinterest

16. You’ll need a third arm to pull this off, though.


Source: Top Inspired

17. I’ve tried this myself today! It works!


Source: Pinterest

18. Don’t throw away those old pants – transform them.


Source: DIY Crafts

19. Who knew this basic beauty product was also an effective stain remover?


Source: Twitter | @kierahagan

20. This DIY bra strap modifier will keep your bra straps well hidden.


Source: Extra Petite

21. A maxi pad inside your shoe will definitely get rid of any extra sweat.


Source: Twitter | @emelia_selden
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