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Clothes Transformations From Old To New AGAIN

Clothes Transformations From Old To New AGAIN

Got those old leggings sitting in your wardrobe, those old fishnets laying in your drawer, OR that scarf you NEVER wear? Well, no way you’re throwing those away, at least not after watching these cool clothes transformations. These hacks will be the inspiration you need to upgrade your wardrobe in very easy steps.

Making your old clothes new again, is surely a fun thing to do, and if you concur with it, then, this is going to be your favorite scroll for today. Getting new tops, dresses and slippers are only some of the ideas we have listed. Here, you can find all the instructions, steps and everything you need, in order to achieve beautiful-looking end results which will make you a new fashionista!

All of the ideas are so much fun to do, and really easy projects which take you more or less 10 minutes to make. Now, hop on and watch these old clothes coming to life in a new way!

1. Old leggings transformation

For this idea, all you need is the top part of your old leggings, cut into a top shape. Then, wear an elastic band around your neck and tuck it under to get that new top. You’re all set for that night out with the girls!

Old leggings transformation

2. Old fishnets transformation

In case you’re bored wearing your fishnets, we’ve got the perfect solution for you to put them into good use again. Simply cut the tips of the fishnets, turning them into toeless tights and wear them as it was your favorite top. Combine with an oversized t-shirt for a cool outfit!

Old fishnets transformation


3. Scarf transformation

We all have PLENTY of scarves we NEVER wear, I bet you agree with me on this! Now, let’s get some new dresses by creating a hole in the middle, then cut two holes for the arms after we wear it. At the end, don’t forget to top off the outfit with a belt. New dress EVERYONE will talk about!

Scarf transformation

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4. Slippers transformation

Three white glue drops and a cool fluffy fabric – that’s all you need for those old slippers, to turn new AGAIN. Even more stylish this time.

Slippers transformation

5.  Black leggings transformation

10 minutes of your time, and a pair of old black leggings; that’s everything you need to have for this cool garment transformation. Do some cuts into your leggings all the way down(in both leggings legs) and pull them through. That’s all for your next evening-walk outfit.

Black Leggings transformation

A little creativity can turn old clothes into something useful and beautiful which will leave you with great clothes transformations. Watch the rest of the video above for more interesting and creative ideas!

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