12+ Clothing Hacks So You’ll Never Have To Throw Out Clothes Again

It’s easy – physically – to throw out old clothes. But emotionally, it’s a whole other matter.

If you want to donate old clothes you’re not wearing anymore, that’s all fine, but actually throwing out an item of clothing just because they’ve got a tear or a stain, or any other imperfection is just wasteful when there are so many easy solutions to fixing them.

Scroll down to see a few, and thank us later.


1. Sandpaper on slippery soles

If you have a gorgeous pair of shoes you’ve been neglecting to wear because you don’t want to slip, fall and break your neck, then giving them a scrape with a block of sandpaper will fix that problem by giving them some grip.

Source: Krazy Coupon Lady


2. DIY no-sew clutch

All you need is a placemat and an old belt – and you could make it in any color you want. See the following tutorial by Wilma to learn how to do it.

Source: By Wilma


3. Household ingredients as a stain remover

Some stains are so stubborn that a simple toss in the washing machine won’t cut it. But you can use household items to help with that like dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Rob And Courtney M teach us how to use them.


Source: Hometalk | Rob And Courtney M


4. Flat iron to smooth out collars and cuffs

This hack by She Tried What is great if you want an easier way to iron your collars.

Source: She Tried What


5. You can also flatten out the cuffs on your shorts or jeans

As @AlannaStef demonstrates.

Source: Twitter | @AlannaStef


6. Toothbrush to scrub out stains

According to Wendy Mallins, the bristles on a toothbrush work wonders in getting stubborn stains out of amy item of clothing.

Source: Hometalk | Wendy Mallins


7. Rethread hoodie strings with a straw

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to rethread the string on a hoodie? Well, using a straw will save you a lot of time and exasperation.

Source: Lifehacker | Thorin Klosowski


8. Use a sock to save space while packing

Just wrap up all your clothes in a sock (as demonstrated below) and you’re good to go. Go now!

Source: Reddit | zodman


9. Redesign a pair of old flats with gold spray paint

And make them so much cuter.

Source: Chasing Foxes


10. Use pantie liners as sweat absorbers

Apparently, they make great foot sweat absorbers.

Source: Common Cents Mom


11. Make your jeans chicer via a cheese grater

Just rub the grater anywhere you’d like to have a more distressed look, and voila.

Source: Seams And Scissors


12. Use Dawn dish soap to wash clothes

…when you don’t want to run a full load of clothes in the washing machine.

Source: Pinterest | Ivette Rosario


13. Use pool noodles to keep boots straight

Just stick a pool noodle in your knee-length boots to keep them standing upright in your closet, and they won’t lose their shape.

Source: Musely | Anais Baeza


14. Use glass cleaner on patent leather shoes to make them shinier

Wha to you know – Krazy Coupon Lady suggests rubbing glass cleaner on your shoes will make them shinier.

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady


15. From old sweatpants to shorts

See this tutorial by SnapGuide to learn how to do it.

Clothing Hacks

Source: SnapGuide


16. Hide rips on clothes with a patch

And it’ll instantly make them look cuter too, so really, it’s a win-win situation.

Clothing Hacks

Source: Design Mom



17. Sow coins into your skirts to keep them from flying around

Now you can wear them on windy days too with no worries you’ll expose your underwear to the world.

Clothing Hacks

Source: Itch To Stitch


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