Coffee Shop Puts Up Sign To Encourage Costumers To Be Nicer To The Workers

If there’s anything I hate, it’s people who are rude to waiters or retail workers. Having worked in my family’s shop for years, I can definitely tell you a number of stories about people who take “the customer is always right” as a thing to live by.

Honestly, people, would it really kill you to just show some manners? Say “please” and “thank you”, be nice, don’t demand. Everyone is really just doing the best they can trying to get by. Do you think the people working in service or retail are doing it because it’s their life’s passion? No.

And keep in mind that while you’ve just stepped into a restaurant and are about to order a meal and relax, the waiters there have probably already been working for hours, having had to deal with customer after customer (a lot of them demanding and rude), while having to keep a smile on their face, so why be just another case of someone’s bad day? Isn’t it so much better to do good?

Yes, it is. And one coffee shop in Virginia is teaching us all that being nice is free, and can even save you some money.

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CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Virginia has established a new pricing policy which they hope will inspire their costumes to be nicer to the shop’s staff. They’ve put up a sign (see it below) which lets the patrons know that being rude will cost them some extra cash.

As per the sign, if you order by just demanding a “small coffee”, it’ll set you back $5. If you say “‘small coffee, please” your coffee order will come at $3. However, if you say, “Hello, one small coffee please,” then you’ll only have to pay  $1.75.

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Austin Simms, the worker who put up the sign, spoke for WDBJ7 and explained that he is hoping that people all around the world who see this will be nicer to workers.

“I need to solve all the injustices of the world,” he said. “To start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter.”

He also added that they won’t actually charge people differently on their coffee based on how they order, but said that maybe if they fear that they will, it’ll make them act nicer. And apparently, it worked!

The coffee shop’s owner, Olivia Byrd, said that the sign has indeed been successful in making their costumers more polite.

People on social media have also loved Simms’s idea, with one person saying, “Brilliant idea. I often wonder if some people were never taught manners at home. What does it cost you to say please and thank you?”

Another added: “A creative way to solve a real problem! Congratulations.”

But there were also the kinds of people who probably inspired the sign in the first place who weren’t that into it. One person wrote, “You can get a small cup of coffee for $1.75 anywhere without saying a word,” whereas another added, “I’d pay more not to have to be nice.”

Well, aren’t they just rays of sunshine?


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