Woman Made Her Dog His Own Holiday Bedroom And It’s The Sweetest Thing

Christmas is officially the sweetest holiday! STAT

It is the month of holidays and we all are so excited for the festivities. Christmas trees are up, houses are decorated, and the Christmas lights have never been brighter.

Tis’ the season to be jolly and people all around are getting ready to celebrate. Some even have stepped up the game with five-tiered Christmas trees with a tiny village in it. It is the the amazing tree of Ontario native, Cindy Massey – we are talking about. Believe it or not, the tree has a tiny village in it, complete with Santa Claus climbing a ladder up the side, has a working railway track and comes topped with Santa’s little workshop. Could it be more perfect? Not really!

While, the Ontario native is not the only one who has taken the Christmas tree game to a whole new level. A collage student has also done a sweet thing for her dog.  She turned an unused closet in her apartment into a bedroom for him.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Betsy Redfern – the student we are talking about –  has had the chihuahua named Cupid since she was in the third grade. They were inseparable for over 12 years even when she left home for college. Cupid naturally came along!

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Betsy made sure Cupid will feel at home, very comfortable in the new apartment. She took an old doll bed and some handmade bedding. Also carved out a little nook solely for Cupid, together with her turtle Caru.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Below you can see the small wardrobe Cupid has inside his room.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Not a big one but Betsy also decorated a little Christmas tree to give a little winter cheer to Cupid. They both are together for the holidays and feel all the Christmas love they need.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Cupid is such a lucky pup for the sweet owner he has and for the new home.