Guy Makes One-Of-A-Kind Guitar Out Of 1,200 Colored Pencils

You’ve probably come across a tutorial or two where people make coasters or pencil holders or even tables out of pencils. If you haven’t well, it’s just as it sounds. People take colored pencils, cover them with epoxy and proceed to shape them into shape.

YouTuber Burls Art saw these crafts, and decided to take it up a notch by making not a coaster, or a table, but an actual guitar! Speaking for Bored Panda, he said he wanted to make something he could “actually utilize and enjoy more so than a bowl when it’s finished.” Because he is a guitar player, a guitar seemed like the perfect choice. So, he bought boxes upon boxes of colored pencils, $500 worth of them, in fact, and got to work.

First, he begins by cutting the pencils into three uniform lengths and packing them tightly together in a rectangular box, before he covers them with epoxy. He then covers it with a slab of wood and weighs it down to hold it in place, and leaves it that way for 24 hours.

Once the pencils and epoxy have set, he begins to sand it down and cuts it into a guitar shape.

After more cutting and sanding and shaping, the body of the guitar is finally done. He then sprays it with enamel to give it a shiny, smooth finish.

After that, he attaches… well, everything else that makes a guitar. (Don’t judge me, I am neither a woodworker, carpenter, or a luthier aka a person who makes string instruments. (Yes, I just learned this word.))

All I know is that he managed to make a really awesome looking guitar, despite the fact that he claims, in the beginning, he has never made one before.

So, if you are someone who is intrigued with making this and has all the tools and materials needed, then watch the tutorial below. Though, I would recommend watching it anyway just because it’s really freaking cool.

Source: Burls Art

The YouTuber said that it wasn’t as difficult as he thought it would be, and most of the struggles came from the material that the pencils were made as they tended to smear when it was sanded. He adds that he realizes that while it’s a unique guitar, for now, he is aware that now that the idea’s out in the open, people will eventually make their own versions as well.


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