Brace Yourselves Because Rainbow Hair Is Here To Stay For Good

Who would like to have a refined version of the rainbow Snapchat vomit filter IRL? You know which one. This is the sort of style that will have people stopping you on the street to ask, “How did you do that?!”

Well if you’re extra, you’ve come to the right place because of Kasey O’Hara Skrobe, a hair specialist based in LA with over 250K followers on Instagram that will take us on an immense colorful trip! IMO this is a high-maintenance look because the colors do fade, but as I said, if you’re that extra and want to keep the vibrancy of the rainbow, you need to visit the hair salon every two weeks. In case you don’t care if the colors fade (a.k.a me) you can visit the salon every six weeks. Judging from Kasey’s Instagram account, she is not afraid to pop that color and it truly does look mesmerizing. Check out some of her art below:



rainbow hair

YAS!! Brush that awesomeness real good.

rainbow hair

Are those edible? They sure do look like eye candy 😉

rainbow hair


Check the video below:

Incoming🌈🍭 @pulpriothair @brazilianbondbuilder @framar

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rainbow hair

I know that look!

rainbow hair




Move over rainbow hair, say hello to prism roots! O_O


*breathes heavily*


Your prism roots will help bring a magical rainbow with you everywhere you go, yeah?

OMG! Feels!

Rainbow, braids, curls and hot babes!

Festival vibes all the way!

Mermaid hair, take my money right now!!!

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