Ran Out Of Comedy On Netflix? Next Stop, These Comical Amazon Reviews!

Are you a fan of comedy? Did you scour IMDB’s entire comedy library and ran out of movies to laugh your butt off at? Well, don’t worry then, because apparently there’s a competitor to IMDB – and it’s the Amazon customer reviews. Which can be hilariously comical.

From now on, the reviews section on Amazon is my go-to place for real-life comedy. Like, take for example the reviews for what seems to be a giant inflatable beach ball. The whole review reads like an entire comedy TV show, with several seasons and all!

You can read the whole thing on this link here: Amazon

Or scroll down as we revisit the most interesting pieces, courtesy of Bored Panda.

So, it all begins with the comical fact that Amazon is selling a huge, 12-foot inflatable beach ball. And it seems people are buying it. For real.

Here’s what the damn thing looks like. Comical? You guessed right!



But not everyone liked the product. One disappointed person awarded it a pretty dismal 2-star rating, saying that it destroyed everything in its path. Here’s the review:


Unsurprisingly, people loved the hilarious review and decided to respond:


It wasn’t before long that an actual buyer showed up and shared his experience. As you can see… He wrote some comedy too!


There he is, with his, um, giant ball. Balls? I don’t even know anymore!


Source: Boredpanda