20 Unsettling Comics Show People’s Deepest And Darkest Fears

Everyone has those irrational and inexplicable fears that they usually keep to themselves because they’re just too weird. But instead of keeping them bottled up and hidden from the world, illustrator Fran Krause decided to turn them into art. It all started when he realized that he was suffering from quite a few of these fears and decided to write them all down. “I think I had about twenty, and the thought occurred to me that I could make them into a series of illustrations,” the artist told Artefact magazine. That is how the comic series known as Deep Dark Fears came into being.

Krause is an animator and cartoonist, who currently works as a teacher in the character animation program at the California Institute of the Arts. The Deep Dark Fears comics achieved an enormous success on the internet and the author even compiled them into a book of the same title, published in 2015. Not all of the illustrations are inspired by his own fears, though. Krause often asks his followers to share their own secret phobias with him.

Some of the comics are very unsettling, but all are actually quite relatable or at least understandable. Yes, they are all silly and they are definitely not bedtime reading material, but they will make you think! So proceed with caution! Here are 20 prime examples of Krause’s work, courtesy of Bored Panda.

1. Told you not to read these before going to bed!


2. As if we needed another reason to hate winter…


3. The monster under your bed gets lonely too…


4. That would be really embarrassing…


5. How about sending a text?


6. Don’t worry about that! That kid from The Sixth Sense will still be able to see ya!


7. That’s another way of looking at religion…


8. That’s the worst version of afterlife ever!


9. Dogs are clever, but not that clever!


10. So how exactly are you supposed to stop yourself from doing something accidentally? The whole accident thing sort of means you have no control over it…


11. Maybe it’s time to get some professional help?


12. Dunno, in this situation, being buried seems pretty bad as well…


13. Wow. Aunt of the century…


14. Isn’t everyone afraid of growing old anyway?


15. What a great way to detect mind readers!


16. Better safe than sorry!


17. This wouldn’t be surprising – crowds are brutal…


18. Why not open them really quickly to see whatever it is that’s lurking in your room?


19. But why? Why would you tell that to your kid?


20. What if something goes wrong while turning and you get stuck in between worlds?


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Source: Boredpanda