10 Comics About Disney Princesses And Their Curly Hair Problems

Disney has often been blamed for giving women unrealistic expectations of men. But, there is something even more unrealistic than the charming princes: the princesses’ perfect hair. How is it that all women in every Disney film always have sleek, straight or wavy hair, flawlessly styled without a single hair our of place?

This conundrum has provided Indian comic artist Angela Mary Vaz with inspiration for a series of illustrations. Vaz, who herself is the proud owner of curly and unruly hair, decided to see what the Disney princesses would look like if they had hair like hers. The resulting drawings depict hilarious, unexpected problems the ladies face on account of their changed hairstyle.

It all started when Vaz, who has a blog called Stray Curls on Instagram where she recounts her daily struggles with her messy hair, drew Rapunzel. In the one-paneled comic, the Tangled protagonist is unable to let down her very curly hair because her hair straightener had died.

This kind of daily problems are extremely relatable for everyone with curly hair, so it’s hardly a surprise that the drawing was very well received by Vaz’s Instagram followers. In fact, they liked it so much, that the Indian artist decided to create the ‘Curly Princess’ saga documenting the hair adventures of all the Disney princesses.

1. Where it all started


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

2. Who would win: curly hair or metal fork?


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

3. How to sweep a girl off her feet: use conditioner!


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

4. Not even bibbidi-bobbidi can tame that wild beast!


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

5. Shining, shimmering, sandy


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

6. Let sleeping curly-haired princesses lie


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

7. Mistakes were made


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

8. Having your priorities straight


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

9. See? The conditioner tactic is foolproof!


Source: Angela Mary Vaz

10. When the wind isn’t in your favor


Source: Angela Mary Vaz
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