10 Comics That Portray Kids’ Questions In An Epic Way

The bond between kids and parents should always be a strong one. Not only kiddos can learn a lot from their parents, but, parents as well can learn so much from the tricky yet amazing questions little ones always have. You might be the smartest one, but kids are the ones that always put our knowledge in doubt when they come up with some questions and answers.

They are honest and don’t hold back to tell you the truth anytime, even when that is an ugly truth such as when you have gained some considerable weight. Yup, this is one trait that, believe it or not, agree or not, depicts kids. With their mischievous questions they often time put us in awkward situations in front of people, even when they ask what two plus two is.

See a list below of Weng Chen, the webcomic and mom behind  ‘The Adventures Of Messy Cow,’  who brings these moments to life with her newest comic series ‘things my kids say.’ The Chinese artist portrays how life takes a different turn after having kids. She does this in the most creative and funny way there could be. And, what’s worth mentioning is that all parents will for sure relate to these comics.

Unlike the Chinese nurse from some other article before, Weng if fluent in English and even gives visuals of the language too. She started drawing manga at a very young age and has been creating comics on-and-off since. In late 2016, she started the Messy Cow series.

Hop on and let us see some of the famous comics we are talking about.

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1. A casual conversation about age


This is how it goes on



2. A casual conversation about meat


This is how the conversation ends.


3. A simple conversation about vommiting

Yeah, well…


4. A casual conversation about p00p.


“It’s like a castle”


“Hmm, interesting…”


5. A casual conversation about shopping



6. A casual conversation about Ice-Cream



7. A casual conversation about makeup



8. A casual conversation about sleep



9. A casual conversation about hugs



10. A casual conversation about pictures



Do you relate to any of the comics? Share any additions to the list!

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