14 Common Fashion Mistakes And How To Look Better

Even if you consider yourself a fashion expert, you are bound to make fashion mistakes every once in a while. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of a faux pas you’ve made. Later, usually assisted by photographs and selfies, you see that you had a terrible combination on and you realize you are guilty as charged.

Although it’s impossible to turn back time, you can make sure you don’t repeat similar mistakes in the future. Here are 15 of the most common fashion errors, compiled by Diply.

1. Undershirt

Have you ever tried wearing a fitted sweater over top of a collared shirt? All you were left with were visible wrinkles, right? You can easily avoid this by wearing a tank top between your blouse and sweater. So smooth!


Source: Franish

2. Stick and conceal

You can easily get rid of these holes between your buttons by applying double-sided tape!


Source: Home Stories A to Z

Easy, right?


3. Tall boot trick

You don’t have to wear only skinny jeans with tall boots. Simply fold the cuff, put on some tall socks, and voila!


Source: Styleberry

4. Prevent pillage

It hurts when your favorite sweater gets destroyed, but you can use a pumice stone or pill shaver to quickly solve the issue.


Source: Them Too | POPSUGAR Fashion

5. Accessorize appropriately

Here is the perfect jewelry guide to match with your top!



Source: Inside Out Style

6. Spray your tights

Hairspray can be good for preventing damage to your favorite tights.


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I definitely didn’t know this!


7. Monochromatic

If you can’t decide on the perfect color combination, go for all shades of one color and you will never make a mistake.


Source: Instagram | @styledumonde

8. Flat iron collars

Using a flat iron is a great way to smooth out those difficult collars.


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You will be thankful later.


9. Drape instead

Draping your jacket over your shoulders is very stylish when it’s not that cold outside.


Source: Instagram | @milyfeinanutshell

10. The half-tuck

If your outfit looks a little prim and proper, adjust that tuck: You will appear far more relaxed and casually dressed.


Source: Instagram | @styleblueprintmemphis

11. Belted and beautiful

Belts have the utmost power to add some shape to your look.


Source: Instagram | @redheaded_misfit

It’s incredible what difference a belt makes, isn’t it?


12. Tuck properly

Tucking can become extremely difficult with some skirts. Just knot the end of your blouse, and you’re good to go!


Source: Tumblr | Trendy Curvy

13. Athletic chic

Athletic outfits can be super fashionable when you don’t exaggerate. A pair of sneakers, and a sporty jacket, or a relaxed hoodie should be more than enough.


Source: Fustany

14. Cuff correctly

Look at how big of a difference one little trick can make. Cuff your jeans to make your legs appear longer when wearing ankle boots.


Source: Merrick White | Babble

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