4 Common Mistakes Women With Long Hair Do That Make Them Look Older

Every long-haired girl knows that even though luscious long hairstyles look amazing, they can be an energy-draining thing of high maintenance. One needs to spend a great deal of time and money for it to look perfect, but, sometimes on lazy days, or when we oversleep, we just reach for our styling tools and hope for the best.

As these situations are impossible to avoid, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain “don’ts” when it comes to long hairstyles: approaching them the wrong way can change your overall look and make you look much older than you, in fact, are.

According to POPxo Beauty assistant producer Shraddha, there are four styling mistakes that might be making you look older.

1. Flat iron


Source: POPxo Beauty

According to Shraddha, going overboard with your straightening iron and straightening your hair for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean you will look any better. It will only damage your hair follicles and make you look older than you actually are. And, who would want to look older than they are?

That’s why Shraddha suggests curling your hair instead: this will increase dimension and create volume for a ‘softer’ look. But, what if you don’t own an ironing curl? Don’t worry. A flat iron can do the same work and give you amazing curls.

2. Classic ponytail


Source: POPxo Beauty

Who doesn’t love a classic ponytail? It’s perfect when you are in a rush or when you don’t want your hair getting in your face. A tight ponytail with a center parting is the easiest one, but according to Shraddha, it can be a strong look and make you look way older than you are. The solution is easy: comb your hair back and make the sides much looser than you’d usually do. Not parting your hair can make a great difference, as the extra hair and volume will put your best features front and center—not your fine lines.

3. Centre parting

Avoid central partings because they might add a couple of years to your appearance. Instead, part your hair further down the side of your hairline.

4. Tight bun

A tight bun is one of the worst things you can do as it will draw attention to all the lines on your face. Instead, pull out short hairs from the hairline for a more carefree and youthful look.

For more details and the full tutorial watch the whole video that has almost 2 million views.

Source: POPxo Beauty
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