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Mosquito Bites Symptoms; Some Of The Most Common Features

Mosquito Bites Symptoms; Some Of The Most Common Features

Nearly all of us experienced the feeling of a mosquito bite, at least once in our lifetime. As uncomfortable as this nuisance can be, in most of the cases, it isn’t something serious and the bite mark heals after a few days. However, we’re all aware that mosquitoes are transmitters of many diseases. Therefore, it is always better to get informed about common mosquito bites symptoms beforehand and anticipate what we might expect if a mosquito ever bites us.

According to Orkin, it’s only female mosquitoes that feed on blood as they need the protein that is found in our blood for egg production. Whereas male mosquitos gather their food from plant nectars and water. It is very likely that after feeding with our blood, mosquitos leave our skin with itchy bumps. This because during the piercing process mosquitos inject their saliva in our body. As a result of this clashing between the reaction of our immune system with a mosquito’s saliva causes common symptoms that most of us are aware of.

Since mosquitos’ favorite breeding ground is standing water, we should be careful to change the water that we leave outside uncovered and not use it for hygienic purposes. When it comes to answering the question of how mosquitos choose their human hosts according to Healthline they do it based on the scent of carbon dioxide and other chemicals that are found in our sweat.


Mosquito Bites Symptoms

According to what the Health Advisor – Felicity Man wrote for A.Vogel Blog these are the most common symptoms of mosquito bites:


Our body usually reacts after a short period of time if a mosquito bites us. One of the primary symptoms of a mosquito bite is the puffy bumps that appear on our skin. These bumps are usually characterized by a small red dot in the middle.  Over a period of days, the affected area can harden, become less severe and heal itself.


Another common symptom of mosquito bites is inflammation. Every time that a mosquito bites you, your body immune system will try to respond to mosquito saliva. In this case, histamine and other inflammatory chemicals are directed in the affected area causing your skin to redden and swell as they try to help the bite mark heal.


After a mosquito bites you, that puffy red bump is accompanied by itching almost all the time. Although itching is a common symptom of mosquito bites, it can lead us to get a bacterial infection. This is why we’re usually advised not to scratch our skin when a mosquito bites us. Not only we can disrupt the healing process, but by scratching too much we can make the welt bleed, making thus easier for skin bacterial infection to develop.


An aggravating symptom of mosquito bites is discoloration of the skin in the affected area. This because the inflammatory chemicals react against the mosquito saliva that enters in our bloodstream. These chemicals can sometimes stimulate the cells that produce the skin color to form dark spots that look like bruises around the bite mark. Also, as previously mentioned, these inflammatory chemicals can stimulate redness around the affected area.

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Mild headaches

If people have a weak immune system, moderate symptoms like mild headache can also be present. In this case, you will experience a mild headache after a mosquito bite that can be usually treated using home solutions. However, if the headache is persistent and becomes more severe it is important to visit your doctor. They will make sure that the headache is not a sign of something more serious.

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Low fever

Once again, people who don’t have a strong immune system and especially children are more prone to experience moderate symptoms after a mosquito bite. One of these symptoms is the mild fever. If you notice that your temperature is slightly higher than usual and it is not worsening, it might be just something short-lived. Otherwise, you should better contact your health care provider and see further what they advise you.

Last Words

If your skin is just an itchy aggravation after a mosquito bite, you will most probably get better soon. But, make sure next time when a mosquito wants to bite you, to be previously prepared.  However, if you’re experiencing other and more severe symptoms make sure to look for medical help. Mosquitoes are small, but their damage on us might be tremendous.

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