‘Cuddle Clones’ Company Can Create A Replica Of Your Pet Into Custom Slippers

Aren’t we lucky to have pets as our companions through this temporary journey? Sure, they can be mischevious and make big messes (and poops), but they also have big hearts. Not only they will give you unconditional love, but they also seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to compassion and understanding. They know how to motivate you through your worst, and they will listen without judging. Even though they can’t speak, it’s like they know their humans so well and can pick it up when something isn’t right.

And, when talking about the comfort they provide us, it looks like a company called ‘Cuddle Clones’ has been inspired by pets to give us comfort in another way. They can basically turn your favorite pet into one of their most loved products in a matter of minutes – be it slippers, plush clone, coffee mugs, fleece blanket, and many other products.

Talking about their products, their newest one is custom pet slippers which are handmade, super soft, and very comfortable. The good part is, they can make it look exactly like your pet.

To see what we’re talking about, join me through the pictures below and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the end!

More info: Cuddle Clones


1. See? I told you! You can’t even tell.

Source: halinmemphis


2. Day 34. I gained their trust.

Source: chutney_muttney


3. ‘Me and my fellas.’

Source: mingey


4. Day 35. They still don’t know yet.

Source: cuddleclones


5. Day 182. I think the real cat is starting to suspect.

pet custom slippers
Source: mycatkyle


6. I have four lovely friends now.

pet custom slippers
Source: megdillion


7. They look like triplets.

pet custom slippers
Source: thebrokedog


8. Little buddies hanging together.

pet custom slippers
Source: minniedoodle


9. Uhm, do you have something to say to me, hooman?

pet custom slippers
Source: audreythebulldog


10. This is too cute I’m gonna die.

Source: t_scorner


11. You will always be loved.

Source: lularoeashleyzilla


12.  Just like a real pet!

Source: cuddleclones


13. ‘Okay, okay I get it. They look just like me. I’m the real one, though.’

Source: rainetrain


14. Super comfy slippers.

Source: cuddleclones


15. Taking obsession with pets to another level.

Source: cuddleclones


16. I think they have accepted the slippers as part of their gang.

pet custom slippers
Source: cuddleclones


17. 100% replica of your pet.

pet custom slippers
Source: cuddleclones


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