A Compilation Of The Funniest “Invisible Challenge” Videos

It seems like every day people come up with challenges nowadays. And this one may be one of my favorites. How it goes is, you somehow convince your younger siblings that you can do magic and make him disappear. It may look like it’s hard to pull off because kids are smart but there are a few that actually work. And trust me they will have you laughing out loud.

After covering them with a blanket and talking “magic” which is nonsense to make it more believable, take away the blanket and start freaking out over the fact that it happened and you made it work.

Beforehand make sure to take a picture in a position where your sibling is standing because next, you will make him believe he/she is actually invisible and is not in the picture at all.

The invisible challenge created by American magician Justin William has now gone viral on the internet.

The reactions that many kids had are hilarious, let’s see a few of the funniest videos uploaded online.

Youtuber David Bobrik joined the challenge and in his video, he had quite an audience behind, seeing him do “magic”.

The challenge spread so fast that people were instantly posting their own.

The videos now have many retweets.

If you don’t have a younger sibling then get your cousin.

She was skeptical in the beginning.

This one may be my favorite.

And lastly.

Do you like the challenge? Have you tried it? If so let us know how it went in the comments.

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