The Complaint That All The “Game of Thrones” Fans Had About Winterfell’s Battle Episode

This post contains Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 spoilers.

The final season of Game of Thrones has been keeping us on our toes for three weeks now. And it’s sad to say it is almost over. While everyone has their own opinion on the season and the tv show overall, you have to admit that it is heart-wrenchingly good and the drama is ongoing.

Last Sunday we witnessed one of the best cinematography battles of all times (in my opinion okay). There was so much angst, horror, and darkness. Yes, darkness. Game of Thrones fans had a little complaint when it came to the last episode and it was the absence of light.

The episode had us on our feet throughout the entire episode while the White Walkers roamed around Winterfell, killing everyone in sight. However, the problem most people had was that other than a few times when there was fire, the episode was dark (and full of terrors.)

game of thrones winterfell battle
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The moment where all GoT fans were happy to see a little light and it was all thanks to Melisandre. Check out the video down below.

Source: Bilal Altaf

And one of the best parts of watching this show is going on Twitter and reading everyone’s reactions. Let’s see what fans had to say.

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To be honest, no one died if we didn’t see anything.

Source: miranda!! // got spoilers

Source: The Watcher On The Sepinwall

Maybe that was the whole point. Us not seeing anything.

Source: roxane gay

Source: Mike Ryan Ruiz

Who else was doing the same thing?

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This person was not happy either.

Source: ‘Weird Alex’ Pareene

*No, I didn’t watch GoT either.*

Source: Jen Chaney

Source: Stacy Lambe

Not of a fan of it!

Source: Josh Sanchez

This last season is going to be hard to watch whether it is dark or not. The epic scenes are going to make it so difficult to let it go. But, we are happy we witnessed it and we are excited to see (if there is light) what happens after.


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