12+ Pictures That Got Us A Tad Confused But It’s Okay

With a world this huge, it’s no wonder that confusing things tend to happen from time to time. I mean, not only Earth as a whole surprises us, but also the living things that have inhabited this planet. That is – you and me, and all other living beings.

Well, as humans, we’re truly complex – that’s why it’s sometimes so difficult to make out what someone’s intentions are. The world is not black and white, people are not black and white. That is to say, there are plenty of shades and variations in between. Although we might never completely understand each other, in specific cases we’ll get pretty close to doing so.

So, what’s best is to accept the fact that there are things that might confuse us, but for as long as we’re willing to figure them out, there’s hope at unraveling the mysteries they contain.

Scroll below to see a list of humorous cases where confusion hit us but we found the gist and shared a laugh or two. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Because sitting as per usual is too mainstream.

confusing pictures
© 1lear1 / Imgur

2. When you’re classy – you’re classy.

confusing pictures
© Reddit

3. Cats and boxes are a good combination. Right?

© ZacharyIsBadAtLife / Imgur

4. Almost!

© janine99 / Imgur

5. When you left the dirty dishes collect in the sink for months on end…

© Tseunov / Pikabu

6. “My kid decided to be an astronaut in Ikea and my mom followed suit.”

© SirJukesALot / Reddit

7. “Oh hi there! You’re in the bathroom? We don’t care,” -the dogs, most likely.

© AjKaramba / Imgur


8. When you feel you don’t fit in…

© Fucg / Pikabu

9. You had… one job?

© herrwoland / Reddit

10. Oh no worries, I have the wheel chains in my backpack.

© erdknochen / Imgur

12. Uhm… who have you been kissing?

© T0TKT0 / Pikabu

13. Well… the price you have to pay.

© T0TKT0 / Pikabu

14. I really want to know what happened here.

© AlmostMillionaire / Imgur

15. The love between a boy and his dog in Brussels, Belgium.

© WullieBlake / Imgur

16. Radioactive flowers!

© Ryson / Pikabu

Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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