The Story Of Conjoined Twins Abby And Brittany Is A Happy One

Remember Abby and Brittany?



They inspired the world when the world found out about them, showing that you can live and be different.




Despite their challenges, they proved that it’s possible to live as one. And no metaphor there either.


They were born with one body, but two separate heads, which means they were forced to live as one.

They have different tastes and personalities as sisters usually do, but hey, whatcha gonna do, right? So they learned to live with it.



When the girls were born, their parents were told that the procedure of separating them is quite a risky one. There was a chance that one might not make it.




So, their parents decided to opt out. And now, the twins are remarkable, as they both have control over the body, imagine that!


And under their unconventional physique, there’s a lot more to see. They’ve successfully passed their driver’s license exams. Abby manages the devices on the right, while Brittany handles the ones on the left.



They have both graduated from high school and went straight on to study at Bethel University in Minnesota. They now have a BA degree and they even appeared on multiple TV shows.



They were interviewed on Oprah in 1996 and eight years later they had their own, 8-episode show.

And then, everything went kinda quiet.



People who knew them were very well acquainted with their strength, perseverance, and positivity. So it’s no wonder they’re still successful:

Abby and Brittany went on to become teachers!


They now teach maths part time! Some people were concerned about how the children would react, but their students love them.




Reach for the stars, ladies!

Source: auntyacid