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12 Disadvantages Of Wearing A Bra And Reasons To Ditch It

12 Disadvantages Of Wearing A Bra And Reasons To Ditch It

Let’s talk bras!
Many of us have been taught all our lives that wearing a bra is a ‘must’ and we can’t do without them. This way you will look more good looking and put-together. Little did we know all this was a malarkey.

The first bra originates since 1914 and has increased its popularity as the years went on to become a ubiquitous part of every woman’s wardrobe. So, no wonder this antiqued undergarment is still a symbol of femininity and a daily part of our routine. But, if you think bras are the most uncomfortable cloth to wear, what came before bras were a lot worse. There were these restrictive corsets which women used to wear, so in a way, when compared to them, bras were considered a sign of freedom and release.

However, nowadays, even bras are still being a questionable part of our wardrobe because of their disadvantages and health risks. That’s why we have collected 12 disadvantages of wearing a bra, which will make you say adieu to your trusty old bra:


1. Your breast will lose shape

Contrary to what we might believe, wearing a bra doesn’t help breast not lose their shape. It actually has the opposite effect, as the ‘support’ of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop.


2. There’s no ‘One size fits all’

When buying a bra, you should have in mind the material, the cup size, and the band size. However, according to the lingerie experts at Town Shop in New York City, around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size every day and have no idea.


3. Scorched skin

We all have experienced those painful scorching marks after a long day of wearing a bra. Sometimes, such marks may never go away.


4. Succumb to gravity and sag

As you keep getting old, sagging becomes more prevalent. However, bras can make you, more specifically your breast travel in time and boo droop way before the supposed prematurely. So, women! Denying gravity to your breast, won’t help prevent sagging.


5. Cut off blood circulation

The tightness and squeezing around your chest can compress your major blood vessels, leading to blood circulation cut off.


6. Weaken the muscles

Bras can also weaken the suspension muscles on your body. Such muscles are in charge of lifting the weight of your breast and avert sagging. So, if you keep wearing bras for a long time, these muscles will weaken over time.


7. Cause back pains and headaches

Due to wearing bras for a long time, you may experience back pains and headaches as well. You either are wearing the wrong bra size or you have a long time since you let your nipples free. Apart from it, you can also get your muscle tone damaged. One more reason to stay away from bras!

cons of wearing a bra back pains and headaches


8. Deflated appearance

Your breast is very flexible as it can easily adapt to various changes your body goes through. Such cases are during pregnancy, PMSing, or adding some pounds or even shedding some. In case your bra is an inseparable part of your body during these major changes, bras can weaken the surrounding skin, which will lead to a deflated appearance.


9. Strapless bras are less supportive

Strapless bras are just a type of bra with the same disadvantages. Holding your breast without straps on your shoulders is way more uncomfortable than it sounds.


10. Distorts breast

When the twilight of your years is around the corner, your breast has already started to sag. But, if you think wearing a bra in advance would keep your breast rounder and perkier, you are wrong, my dear. Truth be told, your bra is just keeping you back from even more beautiful breasts. So, the best solution is to let your breast do their own thing.


11. Pockets of fat

If you think bras make your breast look toner and perkier, take a look at your back. Everything comes with some consequences behind. In this case, it’s literally ‘behind.’ No matter how thin or fit you are, due to the tight straps of bras, your back skin will form multiple rolls of fat.

cons of wearing a bra pockets of fat

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12. Breathing becomes more restricted

This is something everyone can relate. After a long day at school or work, you come home and the first thing that you do before even walking through the door is starting the process of ditching the over the shoulder boulder holders.
Because no matter how exquisite your bra is, or how exquisitely it fits you, there is still something so exquisitely marvelous about taking it off. It’s like you can breathe freely. Well, it’s not the illusion of breathing freely, as your tight bra can actually cause shortness of breath with all sorts of discomfort. And if you try to take a deep breath, your bra will become even tighter causing difficulties in breathing.

cons of wearing a bra difficult to breath


Watch the video below:

Stickee Bra

So, some amazing benefits that happen when you stop wearing a bra are:

1. Your breast shape will improve

2. Boost of blood circulation

3. Encourage healthy breast tissue

4. Breathing function will improve

5. You will get a better night’s sleep

6. And guess what? You will save money.


Free the nipples, everyone!

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