His N’ Hers Heat-Controlled Duvet Is The Best Invention So Far

Winter has hit us well this time, which means it’s snuggling time, right? Well, my boyfriend doesn’t think so, because he thinks it’s too hot, while my feet are always cold. I can’t tell you how many times I and my boyfriend have argued about the duvets since I’m always cold and tend to steal the covers during the night, while he, on the other hand, is not cold but still wants to be covered.

Well, it’s 2019, which means, this is a problem of the past thanks to a brilliant, argument-reducing new invention.

heat-controlled duvet

Solution? A duvet, but not just any kind of duvet, a special one from SMARTDUVET. This one controls the heat on each side of the bed, which means while you have it warm and toasty, your partner can have it nice and cool, or vice versa.

See it below:

heat-controlled duvet
Smart Duvet

Wondering how it works? According to the website, this is what it says:

To achieve a warm and dry feeling on warm mode the Smartduvet uses heated air sent from the control box and distributed evenly throughout your selected side of the bed.

Furthermore, it reads:

The openings in the Smartduvet layer help eliminate the humidity and keep you dry and warm all night.

And if you like it cool and nice, this is what it says:

The Smartduvet uses a scientific effect called evaporation cooling to cool your body using only the room temperature air. 

Basically, it works using our body’s temperature:

The same natural phenomenon is used by our body to regulate its temperature. As water escapes our skin through evaporation our body becomes physically cooler since this air vapor brings the heat with it when it leaves the body.

Moreover, the website even gives you a demonstration on how to set it up. Hint: it’s self-making, meaning you have to set it up yourself. Plus, the duvet is on sale at the moment. For a single one, you’ll have to splurge $279.00, for a double $299.00, for a king size $349.00, and if you are that extra, $369.00 for a California king.

Source: Smart Duvet

And SMARTDUVET is really smart, since they have thought about literally everything. They even ship internationally. Their website says:

We ship internationally and supply you with the appropriate external power adapter, similar to what is used for laptops and small electronics, making the Smartduvet work in most countries.

This is the best invention so far.


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