Couple’s Genius Snowplowing Lawn Mower Goes Viral On The Internet

Winter storms cause many problems and one of them is shoveling snow – a tedious and tiring activity, but one that has to be done unless you are prepared to spend the entire winter indoors until the ice and snow thaw. While all of us who aren’t lucky enough to be freelancing from the comfort of their own homes have to clean the snow and go to work, not all of us have access to a motorized snowplow. That is why one pair from Pennsylvania got creative with their own DIY version.


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Jonathan Schill who lives in Chambersburg didn’t need any fancy equipment to get rid of the snow, he just got creative and combined a 50-inch cardboard television box and a riding lawn mower.


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His fiance, Kaitlynn Toporzycki, posted a video of him on Facebook, showing Jonathan plowing the driveway.


Source: Facebook | Kaitlynn Toporzycki

Don’t you wish it was you who came up with this ingeniously creative solution during all those frosty mornings you spent struggling to clear your snow-covered driveway?


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The video quickly went viral and has over 9 million views. It sure deserves a round of applause for creativity, if not for its aesthetics.


Here is another solution that also looks cute


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And if you thought that one was a bit ridiculous, wait till you see these.

I mean, the whole point of getting a snowplow is to complete the work faster so you can get back inside a lot quicker.


These sure defeat the purpose!

Also, make sure you check out these twenty stunning photographs from all across the ice-locked North American continent.

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