Couple Created Their Dream Bookshelf And Will Feature On A Reality TV Show

How many days have you spent on Pinterest, without your to-do list ever amounting to anything? How many times have you spent hours dreaming about a project, only to realize it’s too good to be true? But one couple have turned their dream DIY project into reality in the most incredible way.

When thirty-three-year-old Jessica Breen and her husband, Sinclair, from Brisbane, Australia saw a bookshelf online, they decided they had to have it in their home. The results? You need to see it and keep an eye on your jaw so it doesn’t drop too hastily.

The two high school sweethearts and parents designed the bookshelf of their dreams after seeing one image on the Internet.

“When I showed the picture to Sinclair he almost had a heart attack,” Jessica told The Daily Mail. “We knew we had to try it.”

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That’s when it all started. Jessica began by measuring the wall space and then went to consult with her graphic arts teacher who was working at the same school as her. They spent weeks in preparation and 16 hours in total.


After measuring and designing the look, they ordered custom-made panels. These cost them around $700.


The next step was making the boxes and arranging them on a fake MDF wall.


After that, they fixed the MDF onto the wall. The final step was attaching the boxes.


The project was fitting for the qualification process of the Australian reality TV show The Block, so they went on with that aim as well.

In the end, their bid was successful and the couple is set to appear on the show in 2019!


FEMAIL spoke to the creative mother-of-two:

“It was a huge process but it was so worth it,” Jessica said.

Ms. Breen also spoke about her family’s reaction to the bookshelf.

“My boys love the seating area and bookshelf,” she revealed. “The books along the bottom of the bookcase are all theirs – so they are quite happy to chill for a bit there, read and hang out.”

When they posted their creation on Facebook, their friends went crazy with giving them compliments and support.


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