The Devil Is In The Details – This Engagement Photo That Revealed Too Much

Ah, love. Always perfect, always romantic, always a thing of magic. You know, just like in the Disney movies. But the reality is often very different. As illustrated by today’s story about this couple’s engagement, courtesy of VT.

Now, there are probably thousands of ways to announce an engagement, like maybe calling your friends, or buying them dinner or something and breaking the news to them. Or throwing an engagement party, or ordering cutesy arts invitations… So many options, and yet, this couple chose Facebook.

And it backfired on them in the most hilarious, embarrassing way. But it’s not Facebook’s fault – it’s their lack of attention to detail, or maybe, if we’re honest, they were probably too stressed or excited. Check out the picture below.

See anything odd here?

The lucky girl was Miranda Levy, and she added a caption under the photo, saying that she was going to marry “the love of her life”, which made her “truly blessed.”

“What matters is what’s on the inside,” Miranda wrote.

But as the saying goes – the devil is in the details. One of their Facebook friends, going by the name of John Gonzales, was apparently very adept at spotting the devil. He asked: “Is that what I think it is in the corner?”

The Facebook version of the exorcist!

This caught the sharp, albeit old eye of Miranda’s dad, who wrote a rather upset comment, saying: “Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused.”

Initially, Miranda seemed confused. Or acted confused.


But nary a handful of minutes later, the truth was out!

“Hey guys, we’re having a baby too.”


So, two-in-one – an engagement and a baby! Well, aren’t they the happiest people in the world!

Or maybe they just trolled everyone and caused a heart attack or two.

Source: VT