This Couple Has The “Greatest Wedding Photo Ever” Thanks To A Fainting Bridesmaid

If you are fond of creative photographs, you better look for a professional photographer on your wedding day. I mean, it’s a special day that needs a lot of planning, so before capturing those moments, people usually plan even for the “perfect” shots. After all, they are special moments that deserve to be immortalized forever. But well, sometimes even when you choose the best photographer, place, and dress, the planning can turn a little bit different than expected.

I mean, everything can happen while capturing a photo, right?

fainting bridesmaid
Credit: Pixabay


For example, Kevin Ryan celebrated his third wedding anniversary last month, and he decided to share a photo on Twitter of the wedding day back in Chicago.

See the post yourself:

Apparently, Kevin’s sister that was also a bridesmaid fainted there behind the bride.

fainting bridesmaid

Credit: Twitter/@K_47


Looking at the post, everybody was curious to know what happened:

But later on, Kevin explained the situation posting:

Not a serious thing though, she fainted from overheat that day and luckily she was totally fine:



Hilarious results were created and it’s all jokes now. Then people even asked if the couple have the picture framed somewhere in the house:


It might be a future idea replied Kevin…

There were other people that thought this was planned beforehand:

Finally, everyone agreed that this photo was one of the greatest wedding photos ever:


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