After This Couple Got Married, One Of The Moms Found An Old Photo…

When the young couple Heidi and Ed Savitt got married this past summer, they never imagined there would be something to shake up their solid relationship. They are both 26 years old,  and they met each other in 2011 at Newcastle University in London.


After Ed moved into a student house where Heidi lived before, they started talking to each other and eventually that evolved into dating. It was Ed who sent her a text message asking how to work the dryer.

The happily ever after was set after six years when the two got married. But, after meeting her son-in-law for dinner, Heidi’s mother suspected that there was something more about the boy.

Like mothers can be, she decided to search more about Ed’s past and that’s when she uncovered some old pictures that revealed there’s more to his story than the family has realized.

During a dinner party, Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker started to discuss her love of sailing holidays with Ed’s mom, Fiona Savitt. Fiona totally loved to sail too so Kay made sure to mention that Heidi had a cute “holiday boyfriend” named Ed when she was only six years old in Turkey.

So, Kay started looking up into some old holiday photos that would shock both families.


Source: Facebook/Heidi Alice Savitt

When Kay showed Heidi the holiday pictures from Kay that were taken in 1997, her eyes went wide with surprise. Standing next to here, there was her six-year-old boyfriend Ed, and his face was recognizable.

Heidi told the Daily Mail:

“I was screaming, it was just unreal. It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”

Now, the girl truly believes that she was destined to be together with her husband.


Source: Facebook/Preston Local News

Kay also sent the picture to Fiona. According to the Daily Mail, Fiona got also shocked when she saw the pictures and exclaimed,

“Oh my goodness, that’s Ed!”

Kay thinks that when Heidi and Ed met later at the University, there must have been a subconscious realization that they had met before and Heidi agrees admitting that since the two met, they were inseparable.

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