This Couple Both Proposed To Each Other At The Same Time In Disneyland

When you meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, the next step in the relationship is obviously to get married. So imagine this, you’ve found the perfect guy or girl for you, and you know you want to take that next big step.

So, you plan the whole thing: how you want to propose, where you want to propose, what ring to get them, and you even manage to get the ring size perfect. You’ve thought of every possible thing and you even have a speech prepared. It’s going to be emotional, and there will be tears and a loud, excited “Yes!” as an answer.

Yes, you’ve thought of everything that could go wrong, and prepared for it. But imagine having to prepare for something going way too right. For example, what if, just as you are proposing to your partner, they propose right back to you?

What are the chances of that right? Well, I’m not really good with math, but this one couple seem to have beaten the odds, because that is exactly what happened.

couple proposed to each other
Credit: Jesse Tober

Kasey Donovan and Jesse Tober first entered each other’s lives back in March 2016, when Kasey followed her on Twitter because he liked a Blink-182 quote she had on her Twitter bio.

The couple live across the country from each other, with Kasey working as a freelance writer in California and Jesse being a Walgreen’s manager who lives in New York. When they first visited Disneyland, they both fell in love with it. Jessee told Cosmopolitan that it was ” the most magical place on earth,” and that it “was so fun and special and there’s nobody else I would have wanted to show it to me.”

As you can see in the picture above, they even dressed up as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled for Halloween once. So Jesse had the great idea to propose to Kasey in front of the Cinderella Castle. The only problem (well, this is actually thr opposite of a problem, but just roll with it) is that Kasey had had the same exact idea. So when she pulled out the ring to propose to him, he started laughing and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

The moment was captured on a video which Jesse posted to her Twitter account, where she wrote: “TELL ME WHY WE JUST PROPOSED TO EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME AT OUR FAVORITE PLACE I’M SPEECHLESS.”

Jesse explained that they had no idea either of them were going to do what they did, adding: “It was the happiest moment, at the happiest place on Earth.”

couple proposed to each other
Credit: Jesse Tober


And yes, the video went viral and people everywhere loved it:

Well, congratulations to the happy couple. I wonder if they’re gonna have the same surprise planned for each other at their wedding…


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