Couple Complain About Sign That Is Sending Drivers “Straight Into Their Front Room”

Imagine this scenario: You’re back home after a long day at work, sitting in front of your TV watching the latest episode of your favorite show and maybe enjoying dinner when suddenly your entire living room lights up with light coming from the window. You look out and a car is heading straight for your living room.

While this sounds like a scene from an episode of Pretty Little Liars, cars pulling straight for their home is something that’s happened to a couple from Yorkshire, England in more than one occasion.

Ken and Marilyn Triffitt have had to deal with drivers turning to drive towards their house in Hull for a few weeks now after a sign was placed right outside their property which urges drivers to turn left and right at their front room. The badly positioned sign was put up by a development company called Keepmoat Homes, and it’s been the cause of endless frustration for the couple.

Photo Credit: Hull Daily Mail

The couple have moved into their home two years ago, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the sign was put up, which according to Hull Daily Mail, is sending cars “straight into their front room.”

“It’s a good 50ft away from the junction it’s meant for, and instead drivers are pulling straight into our front room,” said Ken. “People are constantly pulling onto our drive because they think that is the road, and having to brake before to not go right through our window. It’s all the time.”

The 68-year-old added that Keepmoat does not acknowledge that they have put the sigh too far away from the junction and will not hear about having the sign moved. The disgruntled home-owner has even tried to turn the sign around but was told he “would be prosecuted by the council for abusing highways property.”

Photo Credit: Hull Daily Mail

Keepmoat Homes have however said that the sign is placed in accordance with Hull City Council standards and that it is not breaking rules. A spokesman for the company told the Hull Daily Mail: “We appreciate resident’s concerns over positioning of the diversion sign outside [the home in] Greek Street, and we have investigated the situation to ensure that the sign is in the correct position in accordance to Hull City Council’s approved layout.”

Whereas a representative for the local authority have backed up their claims, saying: “Hull City Council has reviewed the installation of the sign and can confirm that it has been correctly positioned in accordance with Department for Transport guidance and industry standards.”

Well, that does not sound good for the couple…


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