This Couple Posing For Their Wedding Photos Had To Stop After An Angry Bull Started Chasing Them

Talk about a wedding crasher!

Amy McKey (24) and Glen McKey (27), had a surprise wedding guest when a charging bull started to chase them while they were taking their wedding photos.

The couple walked down the aisle on September 29, in Woodenbong, New South West, Australia.

After having exchanged their vows and posed with their wedding party, the photographer wanted to take their pictures on a hill with a Palomino horse, to get some unique photos for their wedding.

No doubt they had the most unique photos – running to escape from an angry bull charging at them, along with the Palomino horse.

Wedding photos bull chase

The groom, Glen McKey, who is a horse trainer, said:

We were walking back down the hill and the bull really ran at us and I thought ‘oh sh**’. Amy grabbed her dress and started to run. You can see she was running because her dress is flying in the photo.

It is perfectly clear she was running – running for her life!

Mr. McKey then explained how the horse got scared and tried to get away, just like they did when they saw the bull chasing them.

The bull was running in a straight line and it just ran and then ended up just pulling up and I just hoped they had all the photos they needed.

McKey also added that the bull chase made their wedding, even though the wedding guests have no clue about what happened because they were partying and drinking.

He said it was probably Amy’s white dress that triggered the bull – he has never seen someone in a wedding dress before and apparently didn’t know what was going on.

Now, the bull knows what a bride looks like and hopefully won’t chase couples anymore.

Wedding photos bull chase

Pictured here are Amy and Glen after they got married last month.

Walking around the hill, posing for pictures with the Palomino horse.

Wedding photos bull chase

And here’s the moment the bull charged at them, with Amy running in her wedding dress.

We must admit, this is one hilarious photo! And the couple shares the same opinion:

I reckon we’ll get the two photos canvas printed and put it up on the wall for a nice little sequence.

One minute they’re posing, and the next they’re chased by a bull. That’s not something you can recreate, said Glen. True that!

While the photographer, Aleesha Aldis-Friedrichs, said she was laughing so hard, she’s surprised the camera was staying straight and the photos came out good. This is for sure Aleesha’s most memorable wedding photo, not one she can easily forget.

When Glen first proposed to Amy, he landed in their garden with a helicopter and then went on a romantic flight where he asked her to marry him.


Mr. and Mrs. McKey exchanging their vows at their ranch in Woodenbong.

They then went to the neighboring paddock, along with their horse, for the most memorable photos.

The couple riding to get to the paddock, with the Palomino horse, Amy’s favorite one.

The bride and her bridesmaids!

And the Palomino horse who got really scared from the angry bull.

Amy and Glen, as husband and wife!

The couple cutting their wedding cake.

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Source: Dailymail