Couples Have Found A Wonderful Way To Include Their Dogs In Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. You are getting married to the person you love, you will be celebrating with your loved ones, family and friends, and you will dance and laugh and create wonderful memories you will cherish throughout life. It’s important days like this that make people do remarkable things, they want to make sure everything will go according to plan, and they want to be surrounded by their dearest and closest to the heart.

We are aware pets have a special place in our hearts, whether you have a cat, a dog, or even a lizard. Once you grow fond of them, once you allow them in your day-to-day life, and make them part of your routine – you will want to keep them there for as long as possible. A couple named Gil and Luna have decided to include their dogs in their wedding day in a very special way. They have decided to make personalized cake toppers that include their dogs. Scroll below to see the pictures:

couples include dogs in their wedding day
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The cake looks wonderful, but the toppers sure complement the whole thing.

couples include dogs in their wedding day
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Up close: They are too lovely for words.

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Many couples are also doing the same thing but in different ways. A couple has decided to have a little golden retriever puppy peeking out from their wedding cake. See below:


There have also been not only personalized cakes but also dog themed cakes and ring-bearing collars.

Figlewicz Photography


How lovely. Best buddies!

Fete Photography


Pretty perfect!

Fete Photography


Hi, there!

Sean Walker


Can this get any more creative?



Yes, you do too!



A bunch of cuties.



We made it!

The Knot


A family.






Any thoughts or favorites? Have you witnessed similar situations? Let us know in the comments section below.


Source: 9Gag


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