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Surprise Your Friend With These Cozy Bread Slippers

Surprise Your Friend With These Cozy Bread Slippers

Is your best friend’s birthday approaching? This time, you have thought about surprising them with a different and unique present, but haven’t quite come up with an actual idea, right? Well, here we present you this product that will definitely have your friend astonished.

The slippers looking just like loaves of bread cost £19.99 and they are sold in two color options: White Bread and Brown Bread. Oh, I know. You just thought: Why not buying a pair for myself too? I totally understand you. Despite looking comfortable, these slippers are adorable as well.

(Photo Credit: Firebox)

See? I told you. These look a lot like loaves of bread. ‘Firebox’, the company selling the foot warmers, says the pair is ‘gluten-free for all you coeliacs out there’.

Furthermore, it says the slippers are ‘lovingly kneaded and baked to perfection by slipper experts’. Well done to the experts, because these do look fluffy, warm and comfy.

Speaking of the size, the slipper sell on one-size-fits all design.

The bread slippers have a generous amount of cushioning, providing a relaxing softness to your feet after a long day. At the end, everybody kneads a pair of these.

(Photo Credit: Firebox)

Let’s see some customers’ comments made in an online review:

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I want to eat them! You could find these in a bakery… they literally look good enough to eat and are very comfy. Buy them, wrote a buyer, while another one wrote: “These are the funniest slippers ever! My daughter saw them and bought a pair for a Xmas present!”. And yet another reviewer said: “These are brilliant, they really do look like bread.”

What are you waiting for? Surprise your friend with a pair of these lovely sippers. They knead some warmth in their life.

(Photo Credit: Firebox)

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