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Save Money With These Creative DIY Ideas

Save Money With These Creative DIY Ideas

While we spend too much money on clothes, makeup, and sometimes unnecessary things, we tend to get stingy when it comes to buying things for the home. That’s when it’s time to get thrifty with some DIY projects that will save you money (for more clothes), and they’re actually cool.


1. Mason jars for bathroom storage

Source: Mason Jar Crafts Love

And not only bathroom storage, but mason jars are perfect for anything you want.


2. Turn your folding tray into a serving one

Source: Sadie’s Seasongoods

This is excellent for breakfast in bed! And it’s not like we use folding trays that much tbh, so there’s your chance of changing it into a serving tray.


3. Pipe clothing rack

Source: One Thrifty Chick

It might take time, but I can assure you this DIY pipe clothing rack is stronger and steadier than most racks you buy in stores. And it looks good, so, why not give it a try!


4. A stencil works wonders

Source: Nifty Thrifty Mama

If you’re fed up with your plain, white curtains, and don’t want to spend much money, stencils are what you need. Add patterns with stencils and remodel your old curtains.


5. Instant off-the-shoulder shirt

Source: Wild Amor

You only need a button-down top and ta-daa, now you have a new shirt and you didn’t even have to pay for it. This is how you save money, people!


6. Jenga game – a bigger version

Source: My Sweet Savannah Blog

Usually, lawn games are pretty expensive, but it won’t be a problem anymore. Not with this Jenga game you can actually do it yourself. Barbeque gatherings are about to become LIT!


7. Embroidery hoop planter

Source: Beyond The Picket Fence

How cool is this! And it even looks expensive! Get some embroidery hoops, any dishware you have at home and there you go, a fancy planter!


8. Painted dishware

Source: Sadie’s Seasongoods

No more discolored dishware. Paint will make them look anew, and if you’re talented, you can paint some pretty cool designs.


9. Picture frame – table tray

Source: Confessions Of A Serial DIYer

If you’re in need of a table tray, don’t go looking for it in stores when you can pretty easily make a new one from pictures frames (not necessarily the same as in the picture).


10. Utensil caddy holder

Source: Home Dzine

Make sure you don’t throw away old cans, because, with a little paint (or not), you can have a utensil caddy holder, or storage for anything you want.


11. Clothespin planter

Source: Cfab Bridges Designs

And if you’re not fond of plants (totally normal), it can also be used for candles.


12. Quilt Batting for a new couch

Source: Love Of Family And Home

Great solution for a saggy couch, since quilt batting, fluffs it up and saves you money.


13. Twine also works wonders

Source: Elizabeth Joan Designs

I just recently used twine to decorate a glass vase I had and trust me, no one thought it’s the same vase. The same goes for boxes. They’re bigger and we never actually say no to more storage.

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14. Another reason to buy more wine (as if I needed one)

Source: Crafty Nest

Start buying wine with corks and after a few bottles, you can have a brand new bathroom mat.


15. Decorating with light bulbs and twine

creative diy ideas

Source: 906 East Chic

I already told you the magic of twine! This would also look pretty in Christmas trees, so why not start making some now!


16. Redecorate your staircase with little money

creative diy ideas

Source: Remington Avenue

Instead of paying a contractor, you can buy other things with that money. I’m already thinking of a million ways to spend the money.

17. Wall decoration

creative diy ideas

Source: Pinterest

You probably have paper hanging around the house, so go get them and decorate your wall. This would also make pretty curtains.


18. Calendars using paint chips

creative diy ideas

Source: Say Yes

Good thinking! Just in case you didn’t know, paint chips are free! Save some for us people!


19. Embroidery on your bags

creative diy ideas

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Start using your old bags again, now! Elsie’s bag looks like this, but you can add your most favorite design to it.

Tell us if you’re planning to try one of these. Good luck!


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