The Most Genius Way To Get The Best Out Of Cheap Plastic Wrap

We all know that, for the most part, plastic wrap is used to cover food and store in the fridge to give it a few extra days of shelflife. However, like with many other household items, there are actually a lot of other uses for plastic wrap that you might not expect. Here are a few of them!

1. Stop spilling of fluids in your suitcase when you travel


Source: Wrapped In Rust

2. When moving, wrap your utensils in plastic wrap instead of packing them


Source: Frugal Coupon Living

3. Catch spills on your shelves by wrapping them in plastic wrap


Source: One Crazy House

4. Wrap an avocado faster to speed up riping


Source: Instagram | @rabbitlifestyle

5. Line paint trays in plastic wrap to keep them clean


Source: The Family Handyman

6. And another painting tip

Wrap your brush in plastic wrap if you’re taking a break so it doesn’t dry.


Source: Salvaged Inspirations

7. Label something fragile by wrapping it in plastic wrap and marking it with a Sharpie


Source: Oprah | ThinkStock

8. Fruit flies

Fill a jar with some juice or red wine, cover it in plastic wrap and poke a few holes in it. Flies will be attracted by the smell, they’ll fly in but they won’t be able to get out!


Source: Instagram | @__ladyland__

9. Wrap some of the plastic stuff around your camera lens for a blurred flare effect


Source: Light n Focus

10. Wrap your bowl and part of your mixer before turning the speed to high to protect from splatter


Source: Make Bake Celebrate

11. If you have no sippy cups…

…wrap the top of a regular plastic cup with plastic wrap and then poke a hole through the plastic with your straw.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

12. You can use plastic wrap to pound flowers and create some beautiful designs


Source: Hometalk
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