Here Are 12+ Special And Creative Wedding Pictures

Weddings are special ceremonies. You meet someone and the two of you hit it off really well. Then, one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re planning your wedding. You plan out every single detail, and nothing can go wrong. Although it takes a lot of planning, seeing it unfold in the way you have always imagined makes you realize that it was all worth it. However, some of us know that the big day will sooner or later come to an end, but we also know that what is usually left of weddings are memories and pictures.

In this day an age, it has become quite difficult to snap a unique picture that contains a unique memory. However, people’s creativity never lets us down. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling down the article and see some of the most interesting and special wedding pictures.

1. Different perspectives.

Source: © Calypsowedding / imgur


2. The real trio.

Source: © gambolphotography / facebook


3. “At least we can see everyone!”

Source: © psuedon / imgur


4. “My wife and fur baby after the ceremony”

Source: © 98saturn / reddit


5. This wedding photo is too epic.

Source: © mraaro / imgur


6. “Went to take some fun wedding pictures around Detroit, and ran into a guy in a Darth Vader mask. Asked if he had another mask and he did NOT disappoint!”

Source: © Hoptoitmofo / reddit


7. “20 minutes after my aunt told my cousin to behave at her sister’s wedding”

Source: © achell12 / imgur


8. “We got married on a Tuesday morning. The courthouse asked 2 strangers to be our witnesses. Afterward, we ran up into the mountains. It was just us and it was perfect. This is the best picture I’ve ever taken.”

Source: © malestewardess / reddit


9. Their friends won’t let them go.

Source: © Diseño Floral Hana / twitter


10. An extremely creative wedding cake

Source: © SuperCub / reddit


11. “He should’ve known better than to let me have free reign over the wedding cake toppers.”

Source: © kraftykatt / imgur


12. Wedding chucks

Source: © Trainedbyshibas / imgur


13. She will definitely say, “yes” if she opens it.

Source: © Basic01 / pikabu


14. “A wedding that got rained on where everyone left in a hurry makes for a great story.”

Source: © HendrikTO / imgur


15. Together forever

Source: © KandidWeddings / facebook


16. “I trained my puppy to carry our wedding rings, unassisted at a walking pace.”

Source: © jkatzmoses / reddit


17. When you both love Star Wars:

creative wedding pictures

Source: © deathstarspins / imgur


18. When you think about all the details:

creative wedding pictures

Source: © ShutupMeg83 / imgur

What’s the most special wedding you have attended so far? What was it that made it stand out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments’ section.


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