This Crocheted Owl Blanket Will Keep You Warm From Heat To Toe

Owls are wonderful creatures. Sometimes, they might terrify you, but there is hidden magic behind their appearance which can make one obsessed with them. For all the owl-lovers out there, here is some great news: there is now a cute crocheted owl blanket that will keep you warm all winter. There is finally something you can add to your owl-themed collection which until now, probably only contained a Hedwig-replica. The blankets can also be used as pillows and have an adorable hood to keep you warm from head to toes.

When the cold weather hits, a good blanket is an absolute necessity. Sadly, you can’t bring this one to the office, but you can chill with it at home while having a warm cup of tea and read your favorite book, or watch a Christmas-themed movie.

In case you are feeling extremely cold, try putting on the hoodie that will automatically turn you into an adorable owl.


Source: Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

This incredibly cute product was envisaged and brought to life by MJ’s Off the Hook, a design studio and shop based in Ontario, Canada which offers luxury yarns, patterns, kits and finished products.


Source: Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

If you can crochet, you can figure out the pattern and learn how to make the blanket yourself. A lot of people have tried doing it and shared their results on Facebook.

The best part? MJ’s Off the Hook encourages you to try your hand at this incredible technique before paying them for their products. They also provide the patterns, as well as free video tutorials and hope to “inspire others to learn this amazing craft”.

When the blanket was first posted earlier this year, it got over 100,000 shares and 40,000 likes on Facebook.


Source: Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

Another cute point is that you can turn the blankie into a cute pillow in no time.

Just in case owls are not your thing, you can check out some other blankets inspired by different adorable creatures on MJ’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.


Source: Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

Here are some more cute winter blankets that will come in handy during the next few months.

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