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Try Not To Cry: Elton John Recounts His Friendship With Princess Diana

Try Not To Cry: Elton John Recounts His Friendship With Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The British Royal Family fascinates not just the public in Britain, but in the entire world. And the latest piece of the royal puzzle comes from legendary singer Elton John regarding his friendship with Princess Diana.

Diana was called ‘The People’s Princess,’ and her friendship with Elton John goes way back.


As AuntyAcid reports, Elton recently spoke about his friendship with the Princess in an interview with a British newspaper. The singer was typically candid, talking about everything openly and realistically. As with most friendships, theirs too had their upsides and downsides, and occasional disagreements.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Elton John has always referred to Diana as a “great friend.” Here’s what he said:

“She was a controversial figure in some respects, but not to me. I loved her because she did so much for AIDS and she was a great friend to me. We had a falling out, but we reconciled in the end. It was an extraordinary summer. Gianni Versace was murdered, and then Diana rang me up and we reconciled.”

Gianni Versace, the iconic fashion designer was assassinated on 15 July 1997. He, Elton and Diana were great friends.


Little did anyone know that Diana was going to lose her life just six weeks later.

“Six weeks later, I’m in the same house, and she’s dead. It was extraordinary, and I just couldn’t believe what was going on,” Elton recounted.

Elton was deeply affected.

He decided to pay his respects by performing Candle in the Wind at her funeral at Westminster Abbey. It was September 6, 1997.


The song had originally been recorded in 1973, as a way of remembering Marilyn Monroe, but Elton changed the lyrics to refer to Diana. This time, the song began with “Goodbye England’s Rose” instead of with “Goodbye, Norma Jean.”

A musician, Elton’s way of expressing his feelings was in the form of music.


The reworked single Candle in the Wind soon topped the UK charts and became the biggest-selling single, ever, in UK history. It hit the number one spot in the U.S. too and remained in the top 100 for a whopping 14 weeks. That’s how much the world loved Princess Diana.

Soon, the single sold 10 million units, achieving the ‘diamond’ certification. And all the money from it went straight to the various charities Diana championed. It’s a feat that would’ve made the ‘People’s Princess’ smile.

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Some say that Elton John has never performed the song live since. That he would only do that if asked to do so by Diana’s children – Princes William and Harry.

It’s personal: Elton would only perform the song again if asked by Harry and William, Diana’s children.


“Both those boys seem to be ecstatically happy,” he said of them. “And that’s all you want people to be, no matter who they are.”

The legendary singer even met with Prince Harry in Sicily last year:

“Well, I spent some time with him in Sicily last summer, and I could tell that he was totally in love. He didn’t really discuss much personally, but he said ‘I’m in love,’ and I thought, good for you.”

Will Elton John attend Harry and Meghan’s wedding this year? Remains to be seen, but I bet on yes.


After all, it’s what Princess Diana would have wanted.

Source: auntyacid

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