12+ Cute Dogs That Were Scared From Ridiculous Stuff

Developing a special bond with dogs is not a new thing in human history.  Our furry friends always offer us companionship, security, and love. Traits that we look forward to finding in human beings as well. Until now, we’ve witnessed numerous stories of dogs displaying great courage to protect humans from various disasters.

They have been called a man’s best friend and many times risked or even lost their lives to protect their owners. Now, most of the dogs are brave and loyal but some may have stronger instincts for loyalty and bravery than others. After all, most of the times the unknown scares us all.

Take a look at the list below and see how those dogs were scared from unexpected things, sometimes even ridiculous ones:


1.  Unpredictable sounds can make many dogs tremble in fear

Photo Credit: © juu-arts / tumblr


2. Whenever you’re scared I’m here to protect you

Photo Credit: © Gwenhyvar / reddit


3. Okay, a bunch of kittens can be scary no matter how small.

Photo Credit: © Hipster007 / reddit


4. I found a new shelter to hide

Photo Credit: © Schiffer2 / reddit


5. What is this yellow creature that terrifies me?

Photo Credit: © legitschooling / reddit



6. Definitely not ready to have a son yet

Photo Credit: © RabbleRabble24 / reddit


7. What the duck are you?

Photo Credit: © no_one_cares_for_you / reddit


8. While our car is being washed

Photo Credit: © Jenkemking7 / reddit


9. “Jim, I told you that the robots would attack!”

Photo Credit: © Makattic / reddit


10. Oh no, I think they are going to revenge back on me for drinking their milk

Photo Credit: © flutexgirl / reddit



11. I’m not scared hooman, I just need one more hug today

Photo Credit: © ArkadiusBear / reddit


12. Lawnmowers are very noisy, they scare the hell out of me.

Photo Credit: © el_Capi / reddit


13. Caution: WET FLOOR?

Photo Credit: © bsmnproductions / reddit


14. That is a bit scary for me as well, to be honest.

Photo Credit: © mrmarkmark / imgur


15. When you see mice

Photo Credit: © unknown / reddit



16. “These long-neck dogs will protect me from the lawnmower!”

Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: © PriceMLPB / reddit


17. Oh my God, a mouse again!

Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: © CWagner / reddit

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