The Power Of 20 Cute Photos Of Animals That Will Make You Feel Better

People today seem to spend more time looking at cute things than ever before. The Internet puts at our fingertips a virtual zoo of baby badgers, cuddling otters and hamsters in top hats. We watch pictures of puppies and cats, running in the park or swimming in the pool and suddenly we feel happier. This is because even studies have shown that pictures of cute animals make possible the release of dopamine, the same chemical that is released when people fall in love. In order to release this chemical today, please see the overloaded cuties below:


1. This is Mango smiling

Source: © christina808/reddit


2. If you never considered owning a badger, please see this cuteness and take that decision!

Source: © Leucurus/reddit


3.The stray I took in had 7 puppies. The last one to be born was numbered on her nose.

Source: © LolTurdFerguson/reddit


4. This is a fluffy baby sea otter

Source: © daisyenvy/reddit


5. Probably this is the smallest cutest bunny you have ever seen

Source: © DenMother8/reddit


6. This dog is named Gumbo and he loves carrying his baby shrimp wherever he goes.

Source: © tenniswritercoug/reddit


7. This is Oakley. He picked you some flowers. Hopes they’re your favorite color. If not, he can try again.

Source: © dickfromaccounting/reddit


8. Look at those colors…Only nature itself can create something this beautiful…

Source: © upnaway_/reddit


9. “Don’t move for a moment, I think I can smell it”

Source: © Gracynvh/reddit


10. “I took her out because I thought it might have been hurting her but she kept running back to it, trying to get me to put her back in.”

Source: © furkix/reddit


11. This face is irresistible!

Source: © elkabong1106/reddit


12. “Ever seen a bucket of baby sea turtles? Got to release them into the ocean last night.

Source: © Redandbluemakepurple/reddit


13. “Rescued a baby squirrel! This is him when we first found him. Meet Steve!”

Source: © Can-EH-Dian-244/reddit


14. Everybody needs snuggles and hugs on a rainy day

Source: © AustraliaPuppeh/reddit


15. Hey hooman, I can clean your window if you want me to.

Source: © ForbiddenCry/reddit


16. “Today we brought home an 8-week-old Golden Retriever! His name is Bowie!” Why do I like this much small puppies?

cute animals

Source: © sampura/reddit


17. Now, I’ve got your attention…

Source: © Angrysliceofpizza/reddit


18. Does this cat has lenses or what? Never have I ever saw such eyes.

cute animals

Source: © Fomicheva1979/reddit


19. This is Leo and he is learning to play:

Source: © OnesAndZer0s/reddit


20. This dog has a package full of experience in traveling.

cute animals

Source: © Leo_pard_/reddit