Dad Blogger Admits He Can’t Distinguish His Twin Daughters And People Are Questioning It

It must be a double blessing and delight to have twins. However, parents of twins unofficially speaking admit that it is not always easy. There is something beyond fun and games as there are definitely some challenges that parents of twins go through. Starting with the easiest one – if twins are identical, huh, it will take some time to recognize who is who.

Simon Hooper is a dad from London who ignited a debate on Mumsnet while telling the struggle of identifying his identical three-year-olds daughters Ottie and Delilah, Dailymail writes.

The 35-year-old blogger from London owns the Instagram account under the name Father__of__daughters which has amassed more than 924k followers.

Ottie and Delilah have both blue eyes and blonde curly hair and based on the pictures, we can tell they look quite identical.

Blogger Can't Distinguish Twins

Their father shared a picture of them on Instagram and wrote:

I thought I had it nailed – I thought the days of referring to Ottie and Delilah simply as “this one”, “that one” and “the twins” were numbered and that I was going to be a parent who could distinguish between my genetic copycats. I was wrong.


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Simon and his wife Clemmie Hooper constantly post pictures of their twin daughters.

Pictured below: Daddy and his two little daughters.

Blogger Can't Distinguish Twins

Referring to his wife, Simon cracked a joke on Mumsnet:

 Thanks to @mother_of_daughters for dressing them as mirror images of themselves, today I was straight back to square one and spent the next 15 minutes playing a real-life guess who – calling them the wrong names only to receive blank faces and zero responses in return. I’m strongly considering shaving one of their heads. Screw the curls – the need to identify my own children is more important.

Blogger Can't Distinguish Twins

The post sparked debates among parents:


While some users criticized Simon for not being able to distinguish his twin daughters, others said that this is not the first case a father can barely distinguish his twins.

One user said: ‘But I must admit I find it weird if it’s something he can’t reliably do, especially as he’s clearly a hands-on dad!’

Some other comments went on to Simon’s defense:

 “We have 3 dear children – all different ages, but incredibly alike – my dear husband struggles with baby pictures and has to check with me who is who. To be fair, he will say ‘is this dear child 1?’ and usually he is right, but not always!”

“My dear husband cannot tell the difference between our two non twins when they were babies. I purposely change the photos to black and white so he can’t tell by the colour of the clothes and make him guess.”

Pictured below: Simon and his wife, Clemmie Hooper who also has a popular Instagram account named mother__of__daughters.

Blogger Can't Distinguish Twins

The struggles of being parents of identical twins!

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