One Dad Transforms His Kids’ Drawings Into An Amazing Animated Characters

You might have heard this one: listen to your inner child. Or, in this case, listen and follow your kid. Well, it’s no secret that we can learn a lot from children. If we only open our eyes, heart, and imagination and embrace the children’s ideas. Usually, behind the kid’s ideas hide incredible, creative and innovative secrets that the adults can transform into helpful and useful things. Or, simply art.

Creating an amazing work called  Father and Sons Design Workshop, Thomas and his kids have come up with some pretty extraordinary, funny, creepy and incredibly scary creatures. The animation creator, Thomas Romain, and his kids live in Tokyo. He uses his kids’ drawings as inspiration and he transforms them into animated odd and interesting creatures. The France-born, 40-year-old animator post their work on his Instagram account @thomasintokyo which has over 106k followers to date. The animator adds a professional touch to his kid’s drawings and converts them into everything from one-eyed beasts and plant monsters to giant robots and pink-haired hoverboarders.

The result is truly amazing. A round of applause for the kids’ creativity and talent, and also for the professional work of their father too. The joined forces can provide limitless creative ideas, right?

If you want to check out all of their work you can follow them on Instagram or YouTube, as well as give them your support on Patreon.
Here are some of the favorite ones, courtesy of Boredpanda.

For more info: Instagram | Patreon | YouTube

1. The red crystal mage


Thomas Romain

2. The Azaan city guard


Thomas Romain

3. The seeker ant


Thomas Romain

4. Future patrol


Thomas Romain

5. Flame Djinn


Thomas Romain

6. The pill boy


Thomas Romain

7.  Treasorror


Thomas Romain

8. The Crimson space suit


Thomas Romaindad-kids-drawings-thomas-romain-10-5a364450c27d8__880

9. A royal garden knight


Thomas Romain

10. Stone Borrowers


Thomas Romain

11. Narvagon


Thomas Romain

12. A cloud guardian


Thomas Romain
Source: Boredpanda