Dad Loses 330lbs Thanks To A ‘Walmart Workout’ He Invented

For many people, changing their bad habits is not so easy. Once you gain a lot of weight, for example, it’s hard to change the way you look and eat healthy food or even exercise. One man was left devastated after the doctors said he could face death early in his life unless he started exercising and losing weight. With the help of his then one-year-old, he got inspired to begin an amazing transformation. What started as a ‘Walmart’ workout changed his life forever, as shared by VT.

It’s never too late to make a positive change in your life. You need dedication, perseverance, and a strong wish to continue the process.


For this man, it was not an easy process. Pasquale ‘Pat’ Brocco’s weight had gone out of control. He weighed 605 lbs at his heaviest but managed to lose a staggering 330lbs since his weight loss journey began. All the credit goes to his incredible ‘Walmart workout’. He claims this saved his life.

When he spoke to doctors, they told him about the two options he had left. To lose weight or face an early death. He was quick to get inspired by his then one-year-old son. That’s how Pat began a weight loss journey that would change his life forever. When he got home from the doctor’s, he took a selfie to see how his transformation would progress. Next, he set an interesting plan to lose weight.


In the early stages, he was too large to workout on an exercise machine. That’s how he invented his simple yet genius idea. Whenever he felt hungry, he would force himself to walk to the local Wallmart. It was a mile forward and backward. After the journey, he could eat.


This simply meant that he walked six miles a day and changed his diet completely.  After some time, he started working out.

In two years he lost 200lbs, and then some more, a total of 330lbs. You can see the entire transformation in the pictures above. He was also left with excess skin on his body but later had it surgically removed.


Pat’s story serves as an inspiration for everyone who is afraid to begin changing their lifestyle.

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Source: vt

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