A Dad’s Surprising Reaction To His Son’s Pride-Month Inspired Make-Up Look

The recent years have been revolutionary. Make-up used to be for females exclusively but nowadays, men are slaying the double eyeliner, the eyeshadow crease, and whatnot!

This male beauty blogger was filming a make-up tutorial when his father walked into his room. And guaranteed you will tear up when you see his reaction.

Andrew Edgerton from Northen Arizona is a living proof that being a man does not stop you from painting your face however you like.

The 18-year-old has been a Youtuber for a year and a half now, and he has wooed his followers with some of the most amazing tips and looks. Andrew has received around 73,000 views in his tutorials. However, a fragment from his recent video has had the internet ‘awwwing’.

Andrew was filming an on-point Pride Month look when his dad walked into his room and interrupted him.

And the moment is truly precious. Glenn, Andrew’s father is genuinely supportive of his son’s preference to wear make-up.

Upon walking into his son’s room, we can hear Glenn sending him some words of encouragement. Glenn says:

“That looks so freaking awesome.”

Andrew seems taken aback by his dad’s comment and pauses. Then he continues by smiling and says:

“Thank you.”

Andrew acts all cool about it but later on, he admits that he felt a little shy when his dad complimented him.

dad reaction son make-up look

Andrew was perfecting his eyeshadow when he received the ever-loving compliment from his dad, Glenn. After Andrew decided to share the video with the world, it received so much positive feedback, reaching over six million views on Twitter and around 203,000 on Instagram.

Andrew shared this moment as a reminder of how important it is to support your LGBTQ+ child, as they need it the most from their family.

As witnessed, Glenn is Andrew’s number one fan. And he supports him no matter the circumstances.

dad reaction son make-up look

This is Andrew’s completed look for Pride month. And it is absolutely ravishing. Just look at the eyeshadow blending! And those eyebrows! I wish I had his skills. Matchy-matchy with the LGBTQ+ Pride flag. (Hydrated Angel)

Andrew’s father said:

“Since he started putting on make-up in December 2016, I have been so impressed with his ability to do the looks he wanted, especially in such a short period of time. As a parent, you want your children to pursue the things in which they are passionate, as I believe that passion for your work is important. I truly hope that it works out for him.”

Everyone absolutely loved Glenn’s supportive attitude towards his son. It has received such positive feedback, along with the comments such as:

“Best dad of all time”. 

“This is the dose of faith in humanity that I needed today.”

 “This is so cute, your dad is amazing, he must be protected at all costs.”

You are doing great in fatherhood, Glenn. And Andrew, keep up the good work.

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Source: Mirror