Dad And Stepdad’s Adorable Photo Shoot With Their Daughter And The Most Uplifting Message

The biological father and the stepfather of a little girl, got together for the sweetest photo shoot and shared the ultimate motivational message.

The 31-year-old David Mengon is a divorced parent and often goes to his ex-wife’s house, Sara Mengon, to visit his daughter, Willow. During one of his visits, David met Sarah’s now-fiance, Dylan Lenox.

Speaking to TODAY, David explains that it was a bit painful at first seeing her 5-year-old daughter with another man.

He came out with Willow in his arms, and it crushed me immediately. Then as I got to know him and find out who he was as a person and realized it was never a competition of ‘who’s the better dad,’ I started to gain a lot of respect for him.

Because that’s the best way to show your daughter how much you love and appreciate her. I love friendships like this.

On January 19, Lenox shared a series of pictures on Facebook that show Willow with her two dads. The adorable pictures were shot by Sarah, who is a professional photographer, before David accompanied Willow to her school dance over the weekend.

People were not only touched by the photos, but also by the uplifting message Lenox wrote on the caption.

We have molded ourselves into one unique family, if only for the sake of our children to know the power of love. Not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend. Thank you Sarah for letting this all happen!

The heartwarming post has over 200,000 likes and more than 100,000 shares.

dad and stepdad adorable photo shoot uplifting message
Willie + Rose Photography

David explained he was “blown away”  when he first saw the post, adding:

We have respect for each other, but seeing it all written down kind of makes it real.

Sarah and David divorced when Willow was one year old, but they broke up amicably and decided to stay in touch ever since.

Speaking to TODAY, Sarah said:

With David, I just had to put my own personal feelings aside, be an adult and be mature about the situation. I never let my feelings get in the way of raising our daughter. It helped a lot that both sides were so understanding.

Lenox then added that what they have is “mutual respect” for which he credits Sarah.

dad and stepdad adorable photo shoot uplifting message
Courtesy of Sarah Mengon

David is a government contractor in Las Cruces, Mexico, but before that, he served in the military for nine years. After Willow’s birth, he went on two deployments and is thankful for Lenox who has been there for both Sarah and Willow when he was away.

He was there to make sure Willow was protected and Sarah was safe

Now, David often spends the holidays with Willow, Sarah, Dylon, as well as their daughter, Tatum.

It’s still a hard pill to swallow every once in a while when she calls him ‘Daddy,’ but I gotta remember it’s not a title, it’s a behavior. Because he is filling that role of being a good, positive male influence in her life and taking care of her, he deserves the title of ‘Dad.’

David also revealed that it’s not always like this, of course, there are still some “trying” moments, however, they try to make it work and let go the jealousy as well as the pride, because now both Sarah and Willow have someone to look after them.

As for Willow, she has grown up knowing she has two dads, and a very big family that consists of Sarah and Dylan’s daughter, Tatum, 2, and Dylan’s son, Liam, 6, which he has from a previous relationship.

dad and stepdad adorable photo shoot uplifting message
Willie + Rose Photography

Lenox admitted that both he and David never tried to push little Willie on titles, or who plays the father’s role, because nothing else matters as long as she is loved and supported.

Interestingly, Lenox revealed that he plans to ask David to be his best man at the wedding, assuming that he and Sarah won’t elope.

As for negative comments, said:

I’ve seen people commenting that real alpha males wouldn’t allow this or do this. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I think as a father, especially in today’s world where the idea is to empower women to be strong and independent, we had to swallow that pride together.

Family goals right there! We definitely need more of this.


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Source: Today