Dads Will Soon Be Able To Breastfeed Their Newborn Babies

The transition to motherhood that begins with pregnancy is a momentous journey for women. Every moment of growing up a baby inside and outside of your body should be nourished with effort, care, and endless love, despite the obstacles you may encounter throughout the way.

The physical and hormonal changes which nature intends, won’t ensure the growth and development of only your baby. The mother will be affected as well by such changes. Many mothers focus on the delivery itself, without thinking of what comes next. So, labor is only one of the first obstacles a mother will go through.

Breastfeeding is one of those parts which may be a little bit too much uncomfortable. Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, as it is carried through a women’s breast and provides all the nutrition your offspring needs, especially during the 6 months of life.

So, when talking about this process, fathers might not really have an idea what it feels like going through all this, as they don’t usually get involved in the process.

But, a London University student, has been working on this, so fathers would get involved in breastfeeding too. No, the idea is not to help their wives to nurture their newborn baby. They will do it by themselves! In this way, apart from women, men will also participate in breastfeeding.

The product design student at Central Saint Martin’s, Marie-Claire Springham believes he has come up with the right idea to enable dads to breastfeed their baby.

Dads will be soon able to breastfeed

This idea may come to life through the ‘chest feeding kit’ this student is in the process of making of. The reason behind this move is those mothers who struggle to breastfeed their babies and their need for help.

The chest feeding kit which is yet to be tested, holds a cocktail of hormones that will lead to ‘growing milk ducts’ in man after he has taken it. The main hormone which this kit includes is is progestin, a form of the female sex hormone progesterone, which stimulates milk-producing glands production. The kit also contains a pump and a compression vest, similar to a maternity bra.

Apart from all of the above-mentioned, men will also have to take a medicine called ‘domperidone’ which is often given to mothers to encourage the production of prolactin; a hormone which helps mammals to produce milk.

However, taking such hormones can result in man growing ‘moobs’ or man boobs, up to a B cup, until they stop taking them.

The London University student, Marie-Claire believes the chest feeding kit could be available in 5 years.

Dads will be soon able to breastfeed
Source: TheSun


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