This Dad’s Funny Comics Are For Anyone With A ‘Threenager’

From food mess to clinging to you for hours “the terrible twos” is the stage where toddlers start to struggle for their desire for independence. You might think that this is the toughest time for parents, but living with a “threenager” can be even more difficult. Whatever, we know that everything has the positive sides if you only tend to look for it, and this dad from Vancouver, Canada was inspired by his 3-year-old son to create some hilarious cartoons.

Ken Rolston is a stay-at-home dad whose background in art (he studied fine arts in university) helped him to create the funny illustrations. “My mom said I was drawing before I was talking,” he said telling that his passion for drawing started in an early age.

See the funny cartoon below, and if you have a “threenager” for sure you must relate:

1.When they try to help.


2. The story of this dad’s life.



3. Back spasm is real.


4. When they’re asked to eat it all but they get distracted after other things.



5. Leave everything aside and help him build the car empire, he’ll sleep soon!


6. And the money goes to his saving piggy bank!



7. Those sweet moments with clothes!



8. Yoga with a three-year-old…

Funny Comics


9. You might never know how they do it…

Funny Comics

Ken Rolston is a stay-at-home dad who even has a webcomic named “Dad vs. the Threenager”, and he bases his cartoons on his funny experiences and memorable shenanigans with his kid. Just as you witnessed yourself in comparison with other comics, to sum up, the illustration Rolston adds a photo of his son re-enacting the moments depicted by characters in the comics. He even joked once that his kid has become quite an actor.

I actually started a sketchbook for him the day he was born in the hospital. I figured it was something I could do to keep up with little stories about him as he grew up.” Rolston said, telling that he started illustrating these comics with his son since the-three-year-old was born.

Rolston dream is to create a children’s book for his son and give him as a gift when he graduates or gets married. No doubt, all the beautiful illustrations would be a great memory at the same time!


Source: KEN ROLSTON, Huffingtonpost