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10+ Cases Proving That Dads Will Always Be Genuinely Funny

10+ Cases Proving That Dads Will Always Be Genuinely Funny

Where do I begin speaking about dads and their adorable and genuine care and love towards their children? A dad is a person who children look up to, a teacher, a person who wants the best for their children and tries to offer their unconditional love and support. Words do the parents no justice, I don’t think there even exist words to express the sincerest love and gratitude children have towards their parents.

We have heard about dad jokes, and we have probably slash most likely heard a dad joke at some point in our lives. Dads who try to find the funny sides to everything and basically spill them in the form of jokes. Moody today? Here’s a dad joke. Did you get a bad haircut? Here’s a dad joke. I mean, it’s quite adorable I would say. They seem to have this very special sense of humor and it’s so worthy and funny and all of the above.

Let’s scroll for some cases where dads were at their best mood. Or better say, they were simply being… well… dads.


1. Well, according to this dad, sometimes particular measures have to be taken.

2. Now, this is genius. At least the child won’t end up on their toes trying to reach her dad’s hand.
dads genuinely funny

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3. ‘For as long as they don’t interrupt my game.’
dads genuinely funny

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4. Responsibilities, responsibilities…

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5. Okay, but can this get any funnier?

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6. It’s all about creativity.

7. When childhood and fun calls, answer the phone.

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8. Sometimes you just need a buddy your age to talk to.

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9. When you need to get your children to do ‘chores’ in one way or another.

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10. Your daughter’s first driving lesson? Better safe than sorry.

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11. “My friend ran out of lunch bags, his dad is a cop…” Reddit user wrote.

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12. Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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13. Have a bunch of hair extensions lying around? Better make use of them.

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14. Matchy-matchy with the daughters.

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